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Go to then scroll down to this FAQ. There are links to articles on this. The MIB locator, Escheat Funds and other information.

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Q: How do you find out if someone had any life insurance now that they are deceased?
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How do you find out if someone had life insurance policy out on someone?

Basically you probably can't. However if the person is deceased then the matter would be part of the deceased estate and the executor of the Will and or the lawyer should be able to find out.

Is there a way to double check to see if someone deceased had life insurance? provides a A free Central Database to help Consumers protect their beneficiaries from losing their life insurance inheritance. If the deceased person had a life isnurance policy, they may have registered it with this service so you could find out. Also, you may want to check with their life insurance agent, or review their canceled checks, or their checkbook, to find out if they were paying life insurance premiums, and to what insurer.

How do you find out if someone had life insurance after they die?

how do i find out if tom rowntree had life insurance

How do you find a deceased fathers life insurance company?

Search documents.

How do i find out the name of the life insurance company so you can cash in your policy?

If you believe that you are a beneficiary of someone's life insurance policy, but don't know which insurance company - go to court and request to see the probate file of the deceased's estate. It should be listed there.

Is whole life insurance provided by Allstate?

i trying to find out if my father who is deceased have a policy

How do you find lost life insurance?

If you believe someone has a life insurance policy but you cannot find the actual policy or who the coverage is with you can get help through The Center for Life Insurance Disputes.

Your father is deceased you are trying to find any life insurance policies he might have had?

How can I find out if my decease father placed us on his life insurance. He remarried and his wife has not forwarded any documents to us

Where can one find more information about life insurance?

Someone can find more information about life insurance from a number of companies such as All State Insurance, Geico Insurance, RBC Insurance, and TD Canada Trust Insurance.

How do you find out if you are the benefactor of a life insurance policy of someone who has died?

1. Call the Life Insurance company that the deceased had and ask. You must be the executor of the estate or the beneficiary of the Life Insurance policy for them to give you this information. Basically, you tell them who you are and they will say yes you are or no you are not. In most cases you will only get this information when you produce the death certificate. 2. Check with The Center for Life Insurance Disputes.

Life insurance part of estate?

Life Insurance and EstatesNO, not if the named beneficiary is not deceased. The proceeds of a life insurance policy belong to the named beneficiary not to the deceased. It should not under any circumstances be included in the estate of a deceased or the probate process. If no beneficiary is named or if all beneficiaries are deceased then their is no alternative. When their is no named beneficiary then the value of the life insurance policy reverts to the insured and must then be included as part of the deceased estate

How can I find my deceased brother's life insurance policy?

If you don't know the name of the insurance company then you can go to the website of FindLostLifeInsurancePolicy and do a search.

Does the beneficiary of a life insurance policy have to pay for the deceased funeral cost or should the estate pay for it?

The beneficiary of a life insurance policy is not responsible for paying for the deceased's funeral cost using the money from the proceeds of the life insurance policy. The estate of the deceased is responsible for paying for the funeral cost from the proceeds of the estate.

What happens to the proceeds of a life insurance policy if there is not a named beneficiary?

The life insurance benefit will be paid to the deceased's estate.

How can I find out if a deceased family member had any life insurance?

If you suspect a deceased family member had any life insurance, but you cannot find a policy, there are several things you can do to find policies. If the deceased had a policy through work you can contact the Human Resoures department. They will know what benefits the deceased had. You can also check with any credit cards companies the deceased used. There may have been death insurance through the credit card. For individual policies you can use one of the paid search companies to find the policy for you. Do a search using "find lost life insurance policy" or "missing life insurance policies" and you will find some reputable search companies. You should be aware that insurance companies do not turn policies over to State Unclaimed Property accounts unless they know the person has died and they cannot find the beneficiary. So searching unclaimed asset sites is a waste of time. The beneficiary has to find the policy if they hope to collect any benefits. That's why it's usually easiest to use a paid service.

How do you find out if your deceased relative had mortgage life insurance?

One way is to check with the lender. Most lenders have affiliations with mortgage life insurance companies to provide this service and in most cases the insurance premium is included in the mortgage payment.

Can you use a certificate of marriage to collect on life insurance?

A certificate of marriage is not required to collect on life insurance. Life insurance proceeds will be paid only to the named beneficiary/beneficiaries on the policy. If all beneficiaries are deceased, then the benefit will be paid to the deceased insured's estate.

Is life insurance consideredpart of the estate?

If the insurance policy owner did not specify a beneficiary or the beneficiary is deceased, then the life insurance proceeds go to the insured's estate.

Which type of insurance is designed to replace the loss of income from a deceased family member?

Life insurance

What type of insurance is designed to replace the loss of income from a deceased family member?

Life Insurance

What is the difference between term and permanent life insurance?

Term life insurance if only for the life of the coverage holder, once deceased the amount is paid to the beneficiary. Permanent life insurance, known as whole life insurance, combines term life insurance with an investment option.

Where can someone find information about Jackson National life insurance?

Jackson National life Insurance Company has a website full of relevant information to the life insurance they sell. The website's domain is simply Jackson.

How too find if my deceased wife had life insurance with you?

If you get any trace in the form of receipt,policy copy,letter from any Insuc. co. in the name of your deceased wife, you can approach them for needful action.

Is life insurance considered part of deceased persons estate when money is owed to loan companys?

If the life insurance has a named beneficiary then life insurance benefits are not subject to debtors claims. If there is no beneficiary or the "estate" of the deceased is the named beneficiary, then loan companies can come after the estate.

How do you find out information about a life insurance policy for a deceased parent?

I just found a policy for my deceased father. the certificate number is 0070-w-s-245. Effective date is January 1, 1948. What do I do to find out more on this policy?