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Q: How do you find out if someone owns a corporation?
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What do you call someone who owns part of a corporation?

a proprietor or a shareholder depending on the circumstance

When a corporation owns everything it's called?

When a corporation owns everything it's called a monopoly.

Who owns the hershy corporation?

"The Hershey Corporation" is North America's largest chocolate company, doing around $% billion a year in business. It owns other corporations, but no other corporation owns it.

How do you find what car someone owns?

Ask them.

What corporation owns SilverCity Mission?

The corporation that owns "SilverCity Mission" is Cineplex. It is part of the Cineplex cinemas business units. One may find movie schedules and show times directly from the homepage.

What is the definition of shareholder?

A shareholder is a person who legally owns a share from a company, through the act of buying it. Someone who owns a share or many shares of stock of a corporation

Who owns a corporation?


Who owns the Bollywood trade mark?

Disney Corporation owns it.

How can you find out what kind of car someone owns?

Ask him

Who owns PlayStation?

Sony Corporation owns the Playstation products and brand

Who owns mcafee anti virus?

Intel Corporation owns McAfee.

Who owns Taurus gun company?

Taurus owns themselves- they are a corporation.

Who owns colt gun co?

Colt is a corporation, it owns itself.

Who owns Disney corporation?


Who owns Dish?

DISH Network Corporation NASDAQ:DISH, is owned by the shareholders of the corporation.

What corporation owns BuyBuyBaby stores?

BuyBuyBaby Inc. owns the BuyBuyBaby stores.

Who owns the Darlington Raceway?

International Speedway Corporation owns the Darlington Raceway.

What corporation owns the brand Lincoln?

Ford owns the Lincoln Motor Company.

Who owns the Seattle Mariners?

Nintendo Corporation

Who owns Cunard Line?

Carnival Corporation

Who owns maybelline cosmetics?

The Loreal Corporation

Who owns Valero Energy Corporation?


Who owns the carnival glory?

Carnival Corporation

Who owns midas muffler?

TBC Corporation

Who is a shareholder?

A shareholder owns stock in a corporation.