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Go to the U.S. embassy or consulate nearest you in your country and ask them, or try applying for a visa, and see what happens.

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Q: How do you find out if you can return to the US after being deported?
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If you are deported from the US on drug charges and sent back to Trinidad can you come back into the US?

There is little chance that a person convicted on drug charges and deported will be allowed to return to the United States. There could possibly be compassionate reasons for a return, but it is unlikely.

Can a person report an illegal immigrant to be deported who has a child that is a Us citizen?

Yes. Two things might happen, either the parent will be deported with the child also being deported (with the ability to return when they are adult) or else the ICE (INS) will grant leave for the parent to remain until the child is 18.

Can you enter Canada after being deported from US?

I suppose you long as you havent been deported from canada..or have any felonies there...

If someone was deported and served their deportation time but their US green card hasn't expired can they just come back?

No. If you come back after being deported, but the green card isn't expired yet, you will, again, be deported (which will not look good on your part being deported twice).

Can you enter the us legally after being deported?

No, and I believe that's permanent.

How can you have someone deported who illegally reentered the US after already being deported once?

mind your own business and move on.

If an immigrant has been deported can they return to the US?

You would need a waiver to excuse the deportation, which are difficult to get. Note that if you were deported for crimes, that some crimes will permanently bar you from entry into the U.S.

If I'm a us citizen and im getting married to a man who was deported from there what are the odds of me being able to get him back into the us?

the answer is almost no chance. he was deported under us law and almost no way can the law be changed

Is it possible for a convicted felon to return to the us after deportation?

No, not legally. If a felon is deported, then he has no right to return to the US. He will usually be put in immigration lockup for a long period (during which he has pretty much zero rights) and then deported again. He might have to serve the entire length of his original charge as well as face new charges.

An immigrant with felonies in new york is being deported is there anyway he can still stay in the Us if he gets married?

im marryin an immigrant who has felonies in the united states is there any way he can stop from being deported?

If a Pakistani is being held by the INS and is in the process of being deported can he marry an American citizen so that he can obtain citizenship?

He can marry the US citizen but he won't gain citizenship through her n he will still b deported.

How can you find out if a person has been deported from the US?

I would like to know this same thing.

The main purpose of the US Census is to find illegal immigrants so they can be deported?


How can you visit the US after being deported because of a crime?

Apply for a visa. It will either be granted or denied.

Do illegal immigrants keep their property when they are deported?

Yes. But they cannot return to the US to go fetch them. They would need someone to send it to them.

If a person is deported will they be able return to the US?

Any time a foreign national has been deported and attempts to return to the United States he/she is guilty of "agravated re-entry" and upon conviction will be sent to Federal prison for a period of not less than 1 and not more than 10 years. * If the question refers to a person who has not been permanently deported, then the answer is yes; the person can, after the required time period has elapsed, apply for legal reentry into the US. A foreign national who was unlawfully present within the US for 12 months or less and is deported is barred from applying for reentry for 3 years. A foreign national who was unlawfully present within the US for more than 12 months and is deported is barred from applying for reentry for 10 years.

Can illegal alien married to US citizen be deported for possession marijuana?

Of course! Being married does not affect one's legal status, even a legal alien can be deported for criminal activity.

How does an illegal spouse get papers through marriage if they were deported for being in the US illegally?

They apply for a visa. Because they were deported, there may be fines and a long waiting period (3 to 5 years).

If a person was deported from the United states how long before they are able to return?

It all depends on the crime for which they were deported. Certain deportations come with a life long ban from entering the US whereas you may be able to get a waiver in some cases.

Can a US citizen keep an illegal immigrant from being deported for a criminal case from 10 years ago if they get married?


Can a deported person become a us citizen?

my dad was deported 4 times. and as of 2004 he is a citizen.

If my husband is deported can i go with him i am a us if my husband is deported can i go with him?

you can go but get ready for a life change

Can an illegal alien stay in the US if he has children?

Legaly, NO. The mere act of being in the US illegally means that if caught, the illegal alien will be deported. Marriage and children do not change the rules. Depending on rulings of the Immigration Court involving custody, the children also may be deported. However, once deported, the alien can apply, at his countries US embassy, for LEGAL entry into the US, a green card, and other ways of being reunited with his (I assume Legal US Citizen) Family. There will be fines, starting at $1,000 that will have to be paid before making the applications.

Does being married to a US citizen save a person from deportation?

The answer depends on the reason he is being deported. Also if the couple can prove to an immigration judge that the marrige is real.

If an American marries a immigrant from another country who has a green card and has a child who is a us citizen can they deport him or her?

US Citizens can't be deported from the US. Any alien can be deported.