How do you find out if you have full custody?

No one has full custody until a judge has granted it to one party. I feel that the mother should have full custody until she is proven to be unfit. I feel that a child's place is with it's mother more so then it's father.


Today's courts do not and should not discriminate on the basis of gender. Such a proven action on the part of a judge is grounds for appeal and dismissal of any ruling. If custody has not been determined by an order from the court the parent with whom the child or children reside may take any actions that are in the best interest of the child/children. However, if it pertains to something such as moving out of the state; the parent should consult with their attorney or an attorney qualified in domestic relations, before initiating any such action.


you should not comment on how you feel unless you have lived as a boy with your mom. there is a lot of stuff that your father needs to teach you.