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No one has full custody until a judge has granted it to one party. I feel that the mother should have full custody until she is proven to be unfit. I feel that a child's place is with it's mother more so then it's father.

AnswerToday's courts do not and should not discriminate on the basis of gender. Such a proven action on the part of a judge is grounds for appeal and dismissal of any ruling. If custody has not been determined by an order from the court the parent with whom the child or children reside may take any actions that are in the best interest of the child/children. However, if it pertains to something such as moving out of the state; the parent should consult with their attorney or an attorney qualified in domestic relations, before initiating any such action.


you should not comment on how you feel unless you have lived as a boy with your mom. there is a lot of stuff that your father needs to teach you.

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Q: How do you find out if you have full custody?
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How do you file for full custody of a child?

You gain full custody for a child by telling the judge you want full custody.

Can you file for full custody for your child if his mother is filing for bankruptcy?

Well you can but the court will not find that a good reason to take custody away from her.

If legal and physical custody was granted to the mother is that the same as full physical and full legal custody?

Yes. Legal and physical custody granted to the mother means full, sole legal and physical custody.

If you have full custody can you leave the state?

If I have sole\full custody, can I leave state with my child ?

What is full custody?

when you're in full custody someone has control over you. Like the police when they have custody over you they have captured you and you're in their control.

What can a non-custodial parent do if the custodial parent is in jail?

That parent should petition for full custody.That parent should petition for full custody.That parent should petition for full custody.That parent should petition for full custody.

Can you go on vacation out of the country with your daughter if you have full custody?

yes if you have full custody you dont have to consult your ex.

If you have possessory custody. How can you get full custody?

You file a motion with the court.

Can a father that has temporary full custody win full custody?

It's possible. It all depends on the circumstances of your case.

Do you have to have full legal custody to sign over rights?

yes you do have to have full legal rights to sign over custody.

Do you need written permission to take your child out of state if you have full custody?

No you do not need written permission if you have full custody of the child

How do you get full custody of a child when there is an agreement about it?

If the other parent is not willing you have to sue for full custody and have to get a lawyer and go back to court.

Judge granted us temporary custody when can we petition for full custody in Kentucky?

That's the common tactic in order to go for full custody, but hopefully the judge will order bird nest custody. see link below

How can a mother win full custody?

i have a son in my custody what is the law in the phillipines about child custody if a child abandoned by his father

How do you find out what kid of custody you have?

It will be in your custody order.

Can a mother get full custody if the father is a convicted felon?

I believe that the Mother should always have full Custody.. After the father is a convicted felon

If I have full sole custody of my son and his father and i were never married can i move out of state against the non-custodial parent's will?

YES YOU CAN . once you have full custody you have the right to move wherever you want to that's the reason you file for custody right...the the reason full custody was ordered to give you full permission to do whatever you want ..the court gave u full custody only because they see you are a fit parent at the time of filing. however the father can file for full custody in the future but i doubt he will get it since the child bee living with you for so many years and you were the sole provider

Can a minor have full custody of a child?


Does Tom Brady have full custody of his son?

No, Brady shares custody with Jack's mom.

Can you leave the state with your son that your ex husband has custody over but not full custody?

With his permission you can.

How do you write a letter to give custody?

You can wrote a letter to give someone temporary custody but not full custody. That have to go through the court to be valid and also through the court to be changed back. With temporary custody you can end it whenever you want by picking up the kids. How to write a temporary custody letter you find in the link below.

What is the time frame for child abandonment so father can gain full custody?

A child does not need to be abandoned by their mother for a father to be awarded full custody. If the father can demonstrate before a judge that the mother is unfit to parent, the judge can award him full custody of the child.

Does amber portwood still have custody of Leah?

No, her ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley has full custody of her.

Did Britney spears get full custody of her kids back?

She has split custody of her kids with Kevin Federine

What isProtective Custody of child vs full custody of child?

It regards the issue of getting an emergency custody order for a child in need of care.