How do you find out if your dad had life insurance?

Below are a few things that you can do. Good Luck. 1. If you have access to their personal records, go through old bank statements or canceled checks to see if they paid any insurance companies. 2. Did they have a personal lawyer or accountant who may have known about any old policies? 3. Talk with a past employer about any group life insurance policy that may have existed. 4. Get in touch with the Medical Information Bureau. They track all requested medical records by insurance companies for the past 7 years. So, if they took out the policy during this time period, most likely the MIB will know about it. You can find more information about them online. 5. Look at the mail that continues to be delivered after the person's death. If it was a policy that was still being paid for, you'll see premium notices. 6. Look at income tax returns to see if interest dividends on any life policy were claimed. There is no time limit on claiming the benefits of any missing life insurance policy that you are the beneficiary of. It can be 25 years later and the company will still pay you the proceeds.