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How do you find out the age of an old 32 revolver?

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βˆ™ 2007-11-08 19:48:58

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First you have to determine the make and model. Go to the library stacks and find The Standard Catalog of Firearms. Look through it and all the other books on that shelf until you find its picture. These books will tell you the range of dates this model was manufactured. If the gun has a serial number, you may find a listing that shows the range of serial numbers for each year. Or maybe not. Many old guns did not have serial numbers, some were numbered but the same numbers used several times, and some manufacturers' lists have gone to the recycle bin long ago.

2007-11-08 19:48:58
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Q: How do you find out the age of an old 32 revolver?
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What is the age of a smith and Wesson 32 caliber revolver with the serial number95191?

@ 112 years old

Where can you find ammo for an old Kimel Industries 32 caliber revolver?

Try Old Western Scrounger.

What is the age of a Smith and Wesson model 60 revolver serial R17xxx?

32-33 years old.

What is the age of a Smith and Wesson 32 CTG revolver with the serial?

You will have to call S&W with the sn to find out.

What is the age of a US Revolver Co 32 Caliber Hammerless revolver SN4140?


How old is my 32 American bulldog revolver serial number 2365?

Where did you find the serial number?

Where can you find ammo for an old Kimel Industries 32 caliber revolver 7 shot?

Try Old Western Scrounger

What is the age of an old smith and Wesson 32 revolver with a serial number starting with 117?

If you call S&W they will tell you.

How can you find the date of manufacture for a very old Colt Revolver?

1911 police pistol 32/20 double barrel

What is the age of a Us revolver 32 serial 47162?

No published sn data

Can you use 32 auto ammo in your us revolver co 5 shot 32 cal revolver?

NO! The .32 ACP is loaded to much higher energies than the .32 S&W Revolver cartridge, and cannot be safely fired in a revolver- especially one that old. You will also have problems extracting the fired cartridge case.

Where can you find the nomenclature for a 32 caliber Rossi Revolver?

In the owner's manual

How do you find serial number on Colt New Police .32 Police Positive revolver?

Look on the butt of the revolver

What is the age of a Smith and Wesson 32 cal revolver with a serial number 51856?

Age of a US Revolver Co 32 with sn 35775?

No known sn data published

What is the age and value of a 32 American Bulldog revolver with the serial 22886?

No published sn data

How old is a 32 caliber 6 shot Winchester revolver numbered 50849?

It is not a Winchester revolver. It might be chambered for the '.32 Winchester' cartridge (.32/20) which leads me to believe it might be Spanish. What are the markings on the gun?

How old is your 32 cal Forhand and Wadsworth revolver serial 295188?


If Sam is 32 years old and he is twice as old as Sandy was when Sam was as old as Sandy is now how old is Sandy?

Sam's age = 32 Sandy's age = 32 -x 32 = 2 (32 -2x) 16 = 32 -2x 2x = 16 => x = 8 Sandy's age = 32 - 8 => 24 years

Where can you find an old 5 shot 32 or 38 caliber revolver cylinder?

Want ad, gun shop, gun show, on line auction sites.

What is the age of a 32 short smith Wesson revolver?

Can't answer without the serial number.

Will 32-20 rifle ammo shoot in a 32-20 revolver?

In most cases yes it will shoot in your revolver,this cartridge has been around a long time and is loaded mild due to the age of the firearms out there.

How do you tell the difference between a 32 and a 38 top break revolver?

What years did they make the 38 top break revolver? How can you know how old one is?

What is the value of a 1925 Winchester 32-20 revolver?

Winchester did not make a revolver in 32-20.

How Old is National Arms 32 5 shot revolver no 151676?

70-100 years.