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If you are to look in the local phonebook of that family, the name that is listed is the head. There are other ways, like if the people are in a religion they may feel one way or another.

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Q: How do you find out the name of the head of household at a certain address?
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Can two people in the same household claim head of household?

Yes it is possible. IRS considers a household not to be limited to residents in a structures ("by that logic there would only be one head of household for an apartment complex 'if it were one address'"), instead they choose to understand that more than one household can reside in the same building with the same address at the same time. Beware there are rules for establishing more than one household at the same address.

Can you be the head of household if you own a mobile home?

If you are head of the family then you are head of the household anywhere.

Who is the head of household amongst Asian American?

Usually, the father is the head of household.

What is another name for the male head of the household?

would not the male head of household be....MASTER

How does one find out if they claimed head of household last year?

Look at your return, page one.

How many people claim head of household in the same address?

For one home (house) you can only have one qualifying HOH for that home.

Can you file head of household if you are married filing separately?

can I file my federal return as head of household if I am married?

How do you claim head of household?

Head of household is a status filing for U.S. federal income taxes. If you are entitled to claim head of household and wish to do so, you simply include it on your 1040 or other tax filing.

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Who was the head of household in a roman family?

The head of the household was the husband/father, which in latin was called pater familias (father of the family).

The head of the roman household was the?

the Paterfamilias

As head of household does the dependent have to be a child?


How do you benefit from filing as head of household rather than single?

You would get a bigger tax deduction break if you file head of household.

Who is the head of household amongst Asian Americans?

i guess the oldest man in the household. Like you live with your mom, dad, grandpa, and grandma, the head of the household would be your grandpa. (But he has to live with you for that to work.)

What is the difference between single and fiing head of household?

The difference between filing single and head of household is the type of situation the tax filer has. Filing head of household can lead to a lesser tax paid for the year. If a person is single, but has dependents, it is better to file head of household. If a person is single with no dependents, a person should file as single.

Can married people filling separate and both claim head of household in the address?

No-you must file as mariied ( either jointly or seperately) Head of Household is unmarried taxpayers or married taxpayers that have kid(s) living with them AND have been separated for AT LEAST the last 6 months of the year and living at separate addresses.

Do you have to own a home to claim head of household?


Can both husband and wife file separately and both file as head of household?

if me and my husband both have a residence and we are married can we both file head of household?

Can you file taxes as head of household being single with no dependents?

I believe you need a dependent to have a household.

Can you still file head of household if you marry?

No, you cannot file as the head of household on your yearly taxes if you are married. That is an option only available to single or widowed filers.

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Do you have to be head of household to qualify for safelink wireless?


Who ruled in a household in Rome?

The male head of the family.

How much do you get back if you claim head of household?