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Identify the stamp using a catalog. This may involve learning about perforations, watermarks and colors as well as condition. The catalog will provide a value. The value is what a collector could expect to pay for a stamp in fine/very fine condition. If selling, most cases you would be lucky to get 75% of the catalog, unless it is very valuable, then an auction would be worth looking into. The most common American catalog for identification is Scott's. Others are Stanley Gibbons, Minkus and even the US Postal Service Catalog of stamps.

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Q: How do you find out the value of old stamps?
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Where can a person sell old stamps online?

One can sell old stamps online in the following stores: Stamp Collecting Resources, Stamps, Graded Stamps, Miller Stamps, Stamp Trader, Find Your Stamps Value, Great Britain Stamps Online, Drabel to name a few.

You have some collectiable stamps you want to sell on e-bay but you dont no the value of the stamps where can you find information on how much these stamps are worth?

An easy way to find good value for your stamps is to buy a stamp magazine. Linn's is a good one.

Can old stamps be post marked and still have value?

It is possible for used stamps to have value. It will depend on their condition and rarity. Consult a catalog at your library to identify and value them.

What is the value of old baseball stamps?

This is too vague a question to answer. The value will depend on if we are talking about old US postage stamps with a baseball theme, or a type of sticker stamp found in gum and/or other premiums, or rubber stamps, etc.

Can you return postage old value stamps to the post office for current value stamps?

I know you use to be able to do iy, but don't know now

I'm curious to know if the old stamps on the backs of vintage postcards hold any value?

The could be of value. It would require proper identification to find whether the value is more than just a nominal one. Consult a catalog of postage stamps to identify and determine value.

Where can you find a website to find the value of stamps?

There are a number of online stamp catalogs available, some do charge a fee. Others have a catalog with prices to purchase stamps from them, but it can give you and idea of value.

How does one find the value of some stamps that show no monetary value?

The best way is to consult the USPS web site. They list all of the stamps issued without a value. These stamps can still be used for postage at that value, so other stamps have to be added. They can only be used for US addresses.

Can you combine two old stamps to make up the value of a new stamp?

Yes. Postage does not have to paid through individual stamps; as long as the value of all stamps placed on the envelope is enough to cover the cost that envelope carries, any number and value of stamps can be used.

How much are old stamps worth?

In my opinion, 'Old stamps' are stamps that have been issued from about 1850 to 1935. 'Old stamps' range in value from a few pennies to millions of dollars depending on which one you find or have. Don't be fooled there are still tens of thousands of stamps to be found that are worth from $25 into the $1,000's of dollars. Even dealers misidentify them.I have found thousands of stamps that have been misidentified or misgraded that are worth a lot. So happy hunting.

How do you find someone who wants to buy old stamps?


I have some G stamps with old glory flying and some h stamps with an uncle sam looking hat and i need to know the value of these stamps?

The G stamp has a face value of 32 cents. The H stamp has a face value of 33 cents.

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