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Q: How do you find out what county a will in New Jersey was probated?
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Was there a Will probated for Geraldine Ruggiero Ocean County New Jersey?


What county is jersey city in?

Jersey City, New Jersey is in Hudson County.

What is the biggest county in New Jersey?

Burlington County is the biggest in New Jersey. It's huge!

Is there a database where I can find a New Jersey Attorney?

If you go to the New Jersey State Bar Association you'll find a list of county bar associations that will refer you to a lawyer in new jersey. There are listings of lawyers separated by specialty at NJ Law Network. You can also search by county.

What county is Jersey City NJ in?

Jersey City, New Jersey is in Hudson County.

What county is North Bergen New Jersey in?

North Bergen, New Jersey is in Hudson County.

What county is Pennsville NJ in?

Pennsville, New Jersey is a township that is located in Salem county New Jersey. Pennsville, New Jersey is located on a main river on western New Jersey.

What county is Wykoff New Jersey in?

Bergen County.

What was the first county in new jersey?

Bergen County

Is the Willowbrook Mall in Bergen County?

Willowbrook Mall is located in Wayne New Jersey , which is in Passaic County, New Jersey.

What county is cedar grove new jersey in?

Essex County

What county is Linden in?

Linden, New Jersey is in Union County.