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June 27Do a search for due date calculators and this can help you find the date.

If you know the first day of your last period that will help a lot.

There is no need to worry to much about the exact day. Babies can be born at any time. Some even go up to 42++ weeks.

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Q: How do you find out what day you got pregnant?
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How do you find out the day of intercourse when i got pregnant?

If you had intercourse on several days around the same time, it is impossible to determine exactly on which of those days you got pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if you have a 36 day cycle?

I have 36-39 day cycles, and got pregnant.

My due date is September 22nd and i want to know what day i got pregnant?

Congratulations!! The day you got pregnant would be sometime in December.

Can you fall pregnant on the same day you come on your period?

If I had sex the day before i got my period and just so hapen would have gotten pregnant. But then got my period the next day. Could i still be pregnant?

I got my period a one day early can i be pregnant?


Can you back track from your missed period to find out which day it was that you got pregnant?

You would normally count back to your last period and it would be between day 12 and day 14 that you fell pregnant. These are the most common ovulating times for women

Can you get pregnant the day before or day of getting your period?

My friend got pregnant on her period so i would say yes

If the first day of my last period was July 16th and i find out I'm pregnant how would i determine exactly when i got pregnant?

When yu go for scans they should tell yu roughly how many weeks pregnant yu are. So then yu can work it out. So for example she sed yu was 2 weeks pregnant count 14 days back and that's the day yu got pregnant =]Xo Kat

How can you know to the day when you got pregnant?

An ultrasound will be fairly accurate.

Is conception the day you got pregnant or is two weeks before that?

Conception is when sperm meets egg and they attach to the wall of your uterus and become an embryo. It's essentially the day you got pregnant.

Can you get pregnant the same day you get your period.So say if you had the sex and then you got your period right after?

I think that the answer should be no. there can be no periods on the same day on which you dot pregnant..

When is best time to get pregnant with a 21 day cycle?

if my due date is in august will i know when i got pregnant

If I conceived on August the 9th is that the day I got pregnant?

yes ma'am

Can you be pregnant if your partner ejaculated in you and got your period the next day?


What does date of conception mean in pregnancy?

it means the day you actually got pregnant, other words the day you and your partner had sex which made you pregnant. if your not sure with this you will find out how old your baby actually is at your first scan when they measure the baby's length of body. when you find out the age of your baby, you can count back the days.

Ultrasound tells u the day u got pregnant?

An ultrasound will be able to estimate the day that a woman gets pregnant. It is not 100% accurate with the dates.

You used the pullout method the day you got your period How likely is it that you can get pregnant?

When using withdrawal, you can get pregnant whether you have your period or not!

Can a blood pregnancy test tell you the exact date of getting pregnant?

it may not tell you what day you have got pregnant

You been feeling sick for the past month last month your period was 3 days late then you got it for two days stopped for a day then got it for another day can you be pregnant?

maybe go take a pregnancy test and find out. Your mind can trick you by giving you symptoms when your not pregnant. It sounds like a period but a lighter period

How is pregnancy calculated?

Your pregnancy is considered to have started on the first day of the cycle in which you got pregnant. Since most women have a 28-day cycle and they conceived around the 14th day, you are technically considered 2 weeks pregnant at the time of conception. Therefore, by the time you find out you are pregnant (you've noticed you missed your period, pregnancy test is positive) you are considered about 4 weeks pregnant. hope this is what you were looking for.

How do you find out when you got pregnant?

3 weeks after sex, you should get the signs.

What if your boyfriend got a women pregnant the day he broke up with you and then you and him got back together and you found out about it?

Whether you believe it was "cheating" or not, he is obviously irresponsible. If you care about your well-being, leave him and find someone better.

When you find out your pregnant how many weeks do you go back to find out when you got pregnant?

Actually, how many weeks along you are goes by the first day of your last cycle. If you have a perfect 28 day cycle; then you would count back two weeks and that would be around the time you ovulated, if you found out the week of your missed period.

How old was nicki when she got pregnant?

she was 14 when she first got pregnant .. and 17 when she last got pregnant

You got sex before one day your period is that mean you will be pregnant you remember you had a proper sex he told you i wont be pregnant if you got period is that true?

It is not always true sometimes u can get pregnant the poibilitys of u not getting pregnant are very slim.