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How do you find out what type of RAM your computer uses?

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Look up your computer at

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Q: How do you find out what type of RAM your computer uses?
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What uses RAM and how do you increase available RAM?

Random Acces Memory is a very important part of the mechanics of the computer. You increase it by obtaining a higher capacity ram stick of the same type your computer uses.

What kind of ram is used in desktop?

The type of RAM that a desktop computer uses depends upon the design of the specific motherboard that is installed in the computer. Refer to the specifications of the motherboard or of the computer manufacturer (i.e. Dell, HP) to determine the proper type of RAM for your computer.

How do I know what type of RAM to buy?

Check with your computer manufacturer or computer manual. You can also do an internet search on your particular computer model number and can find the RAM type that way.

Why do you use RAM inside the computer?

Give two uses of RAM in a computer.

How can I find out what type of RAM is in my computer?

How can I find out if my husband has other email addresses?

How do you find which type of RAM I need to add more memory to my computer?


Will a computer function without ram?

No, a computer uses RAM (Random Axcess Memory) to function. RAM also determines the speed of you're computer; the more RAM the faster he computer.

Why is there a RAM in your computer and how do you get it out?

RAM is memory the computer uses as working space. The computer doesn't have to search the entire Hard Drive to find what you're working on; the info is right there. To get out the RAM, you need to open up the case. The memory will be in sticks inside.

How do you know what type of memory you have in your PC?

Download the Program CPUZ it has all sorts of information about the type of memory (RAM) your computer uses

What is ram error?

when your computer uses up all the ram and you need more

What is ddr3 memory?

ddr3 is a type of ram you would find on the motherboard of a computer. only motherboards that are manufactured for ddr3 ram will hold ddr3 ram.

What is the purpose of the DIMM slots?

DIMM stands for Dual Inline Memory Module. This is the type of RAM that a computer uses.

Is it true or false that the most common type of memory that the computer uses to process data is ROM?

false .. it is RAM

How do i find how much RAM you have on your motherboard?

In windows, you can find out how much system RAM your computer has by right-clicking "my computer" and choosing properties in the drop-down menu. The first tab will list details such as CPU type, speed, and system RAM.

What are uses of memory slot?

to put RAM into your computer

How does a computer use RAM?

A computer uses RAM as the current (temporary) computing space. It is the place where programs run, and is cleared when the computer turns off.

How does ram store data?

RAM is just memory your computer uses to run tasks while its on.

What kind of Ram can cause a computer to run slow?

DDR RAM is the slowest type of RAM and can cause the computer to run slower

How do you know how much ram your computer uses?

On Windows, you go to the properties for My Computer, and it tells you there.

How much does a GB of ram cost?

well it would depend on what kind of RAM your computer uses and what type you want. but from what i know a 1 GB ram stick will cost around $24 give or take depending on where you go

How to find our computer Ram was affected or not?

A person can tell if a Ram is affected or not by running a virus scan on the computer.

What type of refrigerant does a 98 dodge ram use?

A 1998 Ram uses R134a.

Can you use ddr2 ram on your computer with a gpu that uses gddr3 memory?

Yes. The type of video memory has nothing to do with main system memory.

How much RAM does your computer have?

The RAM is in loads of diffrent things to find your total RAM go to my computer (computer) right click on Local Disk C and click propities.

What type of storage location is a RAM?

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a volatile memory that the computer initially uses. It is quick, but unless the data is saved to the hard drive (or some other stable device), the RAM is wiped clean once the computer is turned off - hence, the term volatile!