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I would first pour several buckets of water down the drain without running the tub faucet to see if the drain is leaking. Then I would with a spray bottle direct water around the drain lever/overflow plate, tub spout and valve to see if that is where the leak is. I would then move to the valve itself to see if that is leaking checking packings and the diverter. If nothing shows at that point check tub tiling and possible water spilling on the floor. If water is appearing and you cannot determine where it is coming from you may have to open a wall or ceiling to determine. I also try measuring where the leak is and comparing the measurements to locations of tub parts. In any case I try my best to find the cause before cutting walls and ceilings unless the ceiling is already shot from the leak then open it up and look. Wall openings are done on the wall behind the tub valve usually a closet or bedroom wall, never break out the tub wall around the valve.

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Q: How do you find out where the water leak is coming from when you turn your bathtub water on upstairs?
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