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How do you find out which cemetery someone is buried in?

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In some regions your local council or town clerk may have information on who is buried in cemeteries within their jurisdiction.

For burials in relatively modern times (20th century and later) death certificates and obituaries often list where an individual is buried.

The USGenWeb project has created a web site for every county in every state of the US. Many have some sort of cemetery listing related to them that you can search on-line. In addition, a variety of other on-line cemetery indexes are available.

2011-06-25 15:20:52
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How can you find where someone is buried?

You can contact the county in which you think someone was buried. They may be able to provide you with cemetery records. You can also do a records search online.

Why was Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis allowed to be buried at Arlington cemetery?

Like any spouse of someone buried in a military cemetery, Jaqueline had a legal right to be buried with her husband.

Can you be buried in a space in a cemetery owned by your father?

If someone is buried at any national military cemetery, including Arlington, and her or his child dies before reaching adulthood, then that child can be buried with the parent.

Where is jackie onassis buried?

At her request, she is buried near John Kennedy in Arlington National Cemetery. As the widow of a person buried there, she has that right, just like any widow (or widower) has to be buried next to someone interred in a military cemetery.

Who is buried in westwood village cemetery?

what Presidents are buried at westwood cemetery

Was Jesus buried in a public cemetery?

Christ was not buried in a public cemetery.

What is the name of the cemetery Shakespeare was buried?

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Mozart was buried in a cemetery

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If you are divorced but not remarried can you still be buried in a Catholic cemetery?

Yes, you may be buried in a Catholic cemetery.

Can a cremated Catholic be buried in Catholic cemetery?

Yes, a cremated Catholic can be buried in a Catholic cemetery.

What is a cemetery?

A cemetery is a place where people are buried after death.

What cemetery is Sojourner Truth buried in?

Sojourner Truth is buried at Oakhill cemetery, in Battle Creek, Michigan.

What cemetery was William penn buried in?

William Penn was buried at Old Jordans Cemetery. by Brittany Williams

Are soldiers buried at the villers bretonneux cemetery?

770 Australians are buried in Villers Bretonneux cemetery and there is a memorial for them there.

Were was Thomas Edison buried?

he was buried at the Arling cemetery

Can the non-Catholic spouse in a mixed marriage be buried by their spouse in a Catholic cemetery?

Generally, non-Catholics may be buried in a Catholic cemetery if their spouse is Catholic and they will be buried in the same cemetery.

Which cemetery is Robert Kennedy buried at?

Arlington National Cemetery

What cemetery was Emmett Till Buried in?

Burr Oak Cemetery

What cemetery in New York is Houdini buried?

Machpelah Cemetery

How many are buried in the Arlington national cemetery?

Arlington National Cemetery has over 300,000 buried as of may 2011.

Is Billie Holiday buried in St Raymonds cemetery?

Yes, she is buried in the St Raymonds Cemetery, Bronx, NY.

Is it only Catholics that can be buried in a consecrated cemetery?

No, non-Catholic spouses of Catholics can usually be buried in a Catholic cemetery.

Where is John Bonner buried?

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