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Many Executors(male) Executrix (female) don't realize that they should give a copy of the Will to all Heirs in that Will. If it is handled solely by a lawyer or "In Trust" you would automatically get a copy of the Will. Wills have to go to Probate before monies or property are distributed to the Heirs in the Will and this can take from 8 months to a little over a year. Probate makes sure all personal/house/property taxes are paid in full and any other creditors are paid off. What is then left in the Estate will be given out to the Heirs by a lawyer according to the Will's instructions and you would receive a check. If you don't know who is handling the Will, then you can check with the "Probate Dept." to see if it has been Probated. You must give the full name, birth date, date of death of the deceased. Marcy * In the U.S. copies of wills are not given to beneficiaries. The will is filed with the probate court according to state law and is only available for viewing after probate procedures are finished. In most states the law allows the estate to be filed at any time, but no sooner than 90 days after the person's death. Average probate time is 18 months from time of filing, for a simple estate, several years for those that are more complexed.

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Q: How do you find out who is in the deceased's will and how long does it usually take for someone to contact you if you are in the will?
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