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This may seem irreverant but Carmax will charge a very small fee and provide you with some great detail. But, you will have to get a Carmax representative to assist you in getting the VIN # through the tag #. However, for a reasonable price, they will do it all and send you an email.

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Q: How do you find out who owns a vehicle if you have the tag number?
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Who owns tag number KX9726?

Would like to find out who owns the vehicle with Virginia tax number KX9726

How do you find a person for free with their vehicle tag number or address?

If a person hit my car and gave me a fake address how can i get the real address i copied the tag number

Find a vehicle tag number of unknown person?

You can either mail or take into your local police department. They will run the tag # and locate it's owner... Hope this answers your question. MJS

How do you find desktop service tag number?

You need to get in BIOS, or check the tower. It should have a sticker with the tag number.

What is the tag with bar code and nine digit number a fixed to a Ford engine called?

vin number or vehicle number

How do you find a vehicle you sold years ago with only a tag number?

yes check the dmv records they will have records of that car who it was sold to and who all of the prior owners were

Can you enter an improperly parked vehicle in order to identify owner?

Probably not? Get the tag number.

Can you find an old car you used to own if i knowthe former tag number?

The department of motor vehicles should have that information, using the "tag" to discover what the vehicle identification number is, then using the vin to locate the car; getting them to do this for you may be an entirely different matter though.

What is the number tag on the lights of a Chicago police car?

It's a number the department assigns to that vehicle for their department records.

How can you find an owner and address of a tag number?

Call the tag agency for the city and state the tag was registered in or contact the police department.

Do you have to have a tag on a vehicle that you don't drive?

If the vehicle is parked on a public street, you need a tag. If it is on private property you don't.

What is the price of a car tag?

That varies by the jurisdiction issuing the tag, what class of vehicle it is, how much you paid for the vehicle, etc.

Do you keep the tag when you sell a vehicle in Georgia? keep the tag.

How do you find pandigital photo serial number?

It is on a tag under the stand, with the model number.

Where can I get a vehicle tag in Byram MS?

The Motor Vehicle Department.

Where does a person find the model number on the tent?

There should be a tag inside the tent with the model number and what materials it is made from. Kind of like the tag on a matress or pillow.

What happens to the license plates when a car is sold?

Not sure about other states, but in Georgia when you buy a tag for your vehicle that is YOUR tag, if you sell your car or it gets repo'd you can get the tag and trasfer it to another vehicle.

Do you have to turn in your current tag when the vehicle is totaled or can you keep it to use on your next car?

You will have to register your new vehicle, and at registration your tag number is assigned. You may be able to transfer the registration, but the registry has control over that. Bring the old registration information with you when you register the new vehicle, and request that the old registration be transferred.

How much is a lazer tag arcade?

it depends..... where you live wich lazer tag place you go to .... ussally the lazer tag store has a website and phone number call and find out!

Where is the motor vehicle department in Nashville TN?

Need temp. Tag for my vehicle

What is the corrected wheelbase on a 1953 F100?

It depends, you will need to find your VIN number tag, one of the numbers that is also contained on this tag will be the wheelbase

Can you find an the owner of a car that was left behind with the license plate number?

Yes you can. Call the tag agency and give them the tag number on the car. They can tell you who the car is registered to and what address it is registered to.

How can you tell what rear end you have?

get your owner manuel out. look at the VIN number on your vehicle. then in handbook read how to translate the vin number has the information you need also should be a tag attached to one of the bolts on the rear end with the ratio stamped on that tag

Where do you find the model number on an apex TV?

Should be on the brand tag on the back of the TV.

Can Florida police seize your tag for no insurance?

If there is a seize tag order from the state when they run the tag then yes they can if the driver is listed as a owner of the vehicle.