How do you find out why your 91 Honda accord lx check engine light is on is there a blinking light under the passenger side carpet floor?

There is two pins connector under passenger side above carpet floor. To check the error code of engine light, turn off engine, short this conector, turn on ignition switch (don't start engine), count the engine light flashing. The flashing will flash long and short. For example, two short flashings followed by three long flashings indicate error code #32. Then, check with error code to see what the problem it is. You can reset error code by pulling off fuse (farest corner close to driver) in engine compartment fuse box. You may lost clock and radio settings. Good Luck!

So where is this, when i pull back carpet all i see is this HUGE silver box, is it up under the dash, like near the blower motor? and how do i "jump" this connection? just confused?