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Some of the debtor's property will be public record such as real property records at the county recorder's office. Some states allow you to take the deposition of the debtor or submitt written questions that must be answered under oath. You can hire a private investigator to look for assets. The laws of your state may allow additional methods to find the debtor's property.

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Q: How do you find property of debtors?
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Why do you age your debtors?

Debtors are aged to find out that who has not paid for longer time and which debtors need more focus efforts to realize money and which debtors are still in credit policy limit.

Can debt collectors find out where debtors work?

They can and will.

Where can I find debt collection software where I can find debtors information and prior collection notices?

You can find debt collection software where you can find debtors information and prior collection notices at Another good site is

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Rural farmers, debtors, and those without property.

What is the difference between trade debtors and sundry debtors?

The difference between trade debtors and sundry debtors is trade debtors are specific debts like credit cards. Sundry debtors are a wide variety of debtors that can be from any source.

Can you go to jail if you can't afford to pay the balance owed on a repossession and have no real property?

NO, there are no more debtors prisons.

What often happened to debtors in England?

Debtors in England were sent to debtors prison.

What are the advantages of debtors?

what are the advantages of debtors?

What is a possessory lien?

A possessory lien is the right of the creditor to retain possession of his debtors property until his debt has been satisfied.

What are the differences between trade debtors and sundry debtors?

sundry means "various". Sundry debtors means various debtors which not only include credit sales, but also include all other debtors(related to financial and other debt). So Trade debtors was part of sundry debtors. ok

Why was Georgia called a debtors' colony?

Georgia is called a debtors' colony because it was created for debtors.

What is the difference between debtors and sundry debtors?

why debtors and creditors are called as sundry? Debtors = In general business terminology means Customers to whom the goods are sold on credit. Sundry = Various Therefore Sundry Debtors means Debtors for various reasons and not merely for Credit Sales.

Did England have prisons for debtors?

England had many debtors prisons until the Debtors Act in 1869 abolished them.

If a person has no property is an executor needed?

That will depend on whether the estate has debts to be resolved. It may be a good thing to get debtors to close out accounts.

What are the classification of debtors?

what are the classifications of debtors? what is the meaning of debtor exceeding 6 months & debtors for the year? how to calculate this?

What is meant by debtors?

Debtors are those customers who purchases goods from company on credit so debtors are current assets of business.

When was Debtors Anonymous created?

Debtors Anonymous was created in 1971.

What is sales ledger control account?

Sales control account is a summary of transactions relating to the debtors balance.the debtors ledger account is debited when there is an increase of the debtors balance and credited when there is a reduction of the debtors balance

Why is inheritance put in probate?

This makes sure that the real property titles are properly transferred and that the taxes are paid. It also allows the debtors to get paid.

How do you treat refund to debtors in the debtors control account?

decrease with a credit

'how to teach debtors' journal'?

You make them to undesdand when we talk about debtors we talk about what

Debtors or creditors would be more likely to favor inflation?


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It is related to "control" the accounts of debtors for some purposes.

What settlers founded Georgia?

the debtors that were thrown in debtors prison in England