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How do you find public criminal records?

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Go to the superior court in the county you are researching and find the court records section. This should have two sub-sections listed as civil and criminal. then follow the directions.

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Q: How do you find public criminal records?
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Where can one find public criminal records for free?

I need to look through some public criminal records. Where can I find these for free?

Where can I find free and public criminal records?

I want to look up criminal records that are free and public. Where would I search for these, or where could I find them?

Where can I find public criminal records? is a great way to search for public criminal records. Simple search and you should be able to find all records that would compromise eligibility.

Where can I find more info about public records?

You can check with for public records and you can also find free criminal records at You can go to the clerk of courts in any city and their public records.

Is there a free site I can use to search criminal records in Kentucky?

Criminal records are open and available to the public. You can search for criminal records at

Where can I use a free public record?

I want to find out any criminal records one of my employees might have, but I'm not too sure . Are there any free public records I can use to find this out and how would I use them?

How far back do Kentucky criminal records open to the public go?

Criminal records in Kentucky are available for the public. They go back for at least the last 5 years.

How can you find out if someone has been convicted of a crime in Orlando Florida?

Criminal histories are public records. Go to the Orlando police and ask for a criminal history check on the individual.

Are there rights to know who views an individuals criminal history records?

No. Criminal histories are considered "Public Records" and it's the public's 'right' to access them if they wish.

Can you stop an employer from going back to your criminal records over 10 years old?

Not if they are public records.

How do you find public records for free in pa?

You can find Pennsylvania public records by going to your local city hall or courthouse.Pennsylvania does offer several search-able public records online. You will need to know what county and court type has the public record you're looking for.Free Public Records include:Business or Professional LicensesCorporation RecordsJail or Inmate RecordsSex Offender RecordsChild support records for liens and court docketsProperty tax and assessment recordsRecorded Land RecordsDelinquent TaxesObituary recordsWarrantsCourt of Common Pleas civil and criminal records and docketsMagisterial Court dockets

Where can I find criminal records online?

You can find information on criminal records online at: The initial search is free, but additional information will require a payment.

How do you find criminal records in Sonoma county?

Criminal history records are not contained in databases or on websites that are available to the general public. You must go to a law enforcement facility and, if the law allows it, make a written request for the specific individual you wish to check.

Is a criminal records check included in an investigative consumer credit report?

No. Even though most are a matter of public record, criminal records are processed in a different way.

Can I search public records free online?

I need to employ a housekeeper and have interviewed several people for the job. I want to do a background check on them before I make a decision. Is there a website where I can search public records free, and find information about their criminal history?

Where can I find public criminal records for someone I'm hiring?

First off, don't worry, you are not crazy just because you want to ensure that your daughter isn't being babysitter by somebody who has a criminal record. And, to follow this up, the best place to search through criminal records for free is at this website . This will allow you to search through all criminal records to ensure that the person your hiring has no criminal record.

Public Records?

form_title= Public Records form_header= Find the public records you need with help from experts. What records do you need?*= _ [50] How will you be using the records?*= _ [50] What kind of business do you own?*= _ [50]

Where can an individual search for public records?

There is many ways to search for and view public records, you can look on the internet for websites there are many out there that don't cost, if you were searching for criminal records you could always ask for a criminal record check, or there will always be public records stored at a government agency, or if you are willing to spend money on it you could hire somebody to do the checking into the certain people or certain areas.

Where can you find a free New Zealand criminal record search?

You can find a free New Zealand criminal record search by visiting your local courthouse. Whether you live in Auckland or another NZ city, local courts allow residents to look up criminal records that are within the public domain. This is especially true when it comes to white collar crimes in the country. For more serious crimes, however, certain records will not be available to the public at large.

How do you find out if what your partners criminal record is?

Criminal history records are public records. Go to your local law enforcement agency and request a copy. Be sure you have the person's full name and DOB, (the SSN would be helpful also, but not absolutely necessary). There will probably be a small administrative fee.

Where do you find truly free public records?

Depending on the type of records being sought. County Clerks, and District Clerks offices are a good place to start. There are also some public records located in Public Librarys and web based search engines that are not well known. For criminal records, Sign up for a PACER account. That is public access to all court records. Note that the system will only charge you for viewing specific content within the documents.

What companies provide free public records?

I need to do some background checks. How can I find public records for free?

Are Kentucky criminal records open to the public?

Yes, they are available to everyone. They do cost money, however.

How can you find out about criminal records?

Find out WHAT about criminal records? They are not available on-line. If you are looking for your own record, go to your local law enforcement agency and ask how to get a copy. There will probably be a small administrative fee conected to this.

What's the best website to search for a stranger's address?

One of the best ways to find a strangers address is by searching on You can also find out their property information and other info. Also, check public records such as deeds, gun permits, criminal records, etc. to find their address.