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Go to the superior court in the county you are researching and find the court records section. This should have two sub-sections listed as civil and criminal. then follow the directions.

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Q: How do you find public criminal records?
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I need to look through some public criminal records. Where can I find these for free?

Where can I find free and public criminal records?

I want to look up criminal records that are free and public. Where would I search for these, or where could I find them?

Where can I find public criminal records? is a great way to search for public criminal records. Simple search and you should be able to find all records that would compromise eligibility.

How can someone find out if their criminal records are public?

Someone can find out if their criminal records are public by going to the DMV website and using their Criminal Records checking system. One could also check with the local law enforcement agency.

How would one find criminal records online for free?

To find criminal records online for free you can go to Criminal Searches, Intelligater, Criminal Background, Vital Records, Public Arrest Records and Black and White Book.

Where can I find more info about public records?

You can check with for public records and you can also find free criminal records at You can go to the clerk of courts in any city and their public records.

Is there a free site I can use to search criminal records in Kentucky?

Criminal records are open and available to the public. You can search for criminal records at

Are there rights to know who views an individuals criminal history records?

No. Criminal histories are considered "Public Records" and it's the public's 'right' to access them if they wish.

Where might one go to find anyone's public record?

To find public records about the majority of people, you can use the Google phone book, traditional phone books, newspaper obituaries, criminal records.

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I want to find out any criminal records one of my employees might have, but I'm not too sure . Are there any free public records I can use to find this out and how would I use them?

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Someone that is looking to find information on a public criminal record can do so by visiting their local police station. Another option is to visit a website that would allow one to purchase the criminal record online.

How far back do Kentucky criminal records open to the public go?

Criminal records in Kentucky are available for the public. They go back for at least the last 5 years.

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