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How do you find self love?

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Self love comes from within. It isn't something that you can go out searching for. You feel self love when you help other people that are not as fortunate as you. Try volunteering to help those that are not as fortunate as yourself and listen! So often society just doesn't listen to the woes of others and often some forget to open their hearts to those in need and turn a deaf ear. When you help people it's a wonderful feeling. I volunteer at an Abused Women's Center, also belong to PAWS for animals and I fight for the rights of the elderly and I am also a Block Parent. We all have to choose one or more things to try and help those that can't help themselves. Not only are you helping those people, but you see their own strengths and as much as they appreciate our help we also learn much wisdom from them. It opens your heart, mind and soul and keeps your thoughts off yourself. I always believe that no matter how many problems I have that someone else out there is far worse off than me. I start helping others and before I know it my problems seem to fade away and don't seem so important any longer. If each one of us can help but one person then we are blessed.

2006-08-29 06:05:55
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How you can find your true love?

the way you can find your true love is easy just be your self do what you do every day and then one day he/she will come to you

How do you make a boy madly in love in you?

Be your best self and find the right boy. There is no way to force love.

What is the answer of true love?

Listen to your heart, and go where it leads you True love is when you love them more then life it self. True love will find its way to everyone, whether they try to find it, wait for it, or run from it

What is the medical term meaning self love?

Autophilia - self-love or a love of one's own self.

Do emotionally mature people experience what is known as self love?

Yes, emotionally mature people who understand the meaning of true love may experience what is known as self-love. But what is self-love? Love for oneself, self-respect, appreciating this Divine existence is true self-love. Inflating one’s ego is not self-love; self-love is not being greedy and satisfying one's needs - that is not true self-love. Therefore if one wants a truly mature understanding of self-love, one must understand that love is a fountain of joy. It is white Divine love that is Soulful love that manifests as the seven colors of the rainbow. Right from the time we are born, there is love for our parents, our friends, emotional love, intellectual love, self-love, and finally romantic love. But the world thinks of Valentine’s , hugs, kisses as love when it just one of the colors of the rainbow of love.

How best can you fight a Narcissist?

Leave them to their love affair with themselves and find your self someone else with love enough for two.

What is the meaning of the poem jukebox love song?

bruv are you dome go find it out your self

How do you develop or improve a higher self-esteem?

find something your good at others began to notice how good you are they compliment self esteem goes high find something that makes you look more attractive you get compliments self esteem goes high find your self fall in love with yourself be comfortable with your self then no one can tear you down

Self centered person?

Self centered people tend to be very sad people. They cannot find within themselves the ability to love another person.

How do you find inspiration?

when you find your self, you will find inspiration.

What did western nations contribute?

If you r a girl. I love u but if u r a guy then find ur self a girl,,, love u girl

What is required to love?

Well fist you have too be open to love and not still like your ex you must believe you can find love and be dating someone or be with someone you must really care and you must think that person cares about you most important you must be your self to love anyone because if your not your self it's not true.

What is the poem Love After Love about?

Love after love is about finding your own identity when you have lost it like self discovery, finding who you are after a break up. bascialy about self identity

Love your country as you love your self?

So you should.

What do you call a person that's in love with them-self?

A Narcissist.

What does love mean to other people?

Love like some words have lots of meaning. Like it could mean you love a object or a person. Love Is hard to explain you would have to figure it out your self to find your own definition for it.

What is the theme in the short story Love in LA?

The love in Love in L.A. is love of self.

If you love your self what are you?


How to impress my love?

Be. your. self

What does love yourself as Christ love us?

This means if you don't love your self you cant love no one else so love your self as much as Christ loves us... now be blessed :)

Does having too much self love make you gay for yourself?

There is no such thing as "Too Much" self love.

What is another word for self-love?

Narcissus complex

What does luvo mean?

A person who is in love with them self. it's short for lavido and ur are in love with ur self and brag about urself

How is ice affect erosion?

you will find this by reading books and doing well in shool you should answer it by your self love u everybody out there survive in this worlld pls love u rember that

What is love it self?

In my personal experience is the feeling you get when you don't want to let them go, you can't help ringing them every day just to find out how their day is going! Love is the best thing in Gods creation !