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to find/get shuckle in Pokemon emerald, first beat the elite four in ever grande. next go to (the) safari zone. remember the area those guys were gaurding? well you can now go in. look near the top of the area for some rocks that can be broken. there is a 10% chance that there will be a shuckle that will be there to attack you when you break the/a rock.*

i hope it helps :)

* this does not work for ruby, Sapphire, leafgreen, or redfire.

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Q: How do you find shuckle in Pokemon Emerald?
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Where to find a shuckle?

You can find a shuckle in Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald in the Safari zone.

Where do you find a shuckle on pokemon saphire?

You must trade it from Emerald.

Where do you find Shuckle on Pokemon Diamond?

If you want shuckle in diamond,you need Pokemon Emerald and find Shuckle at route 224,then MIGRATE it in Diamond and capture him in Pal Park(When obtained National Dex)

Where can you catch shuckle in Pokemon Pearl?

You find Shuckle on Route 224 after you get the National Dex and you have Pokemon Emerald inserted in Slot 2 on the DS.

Does shuckle evolve you Pokemon Emerald?

No, Shuckle can't evlove in Emerald or any other version.

What level shuckle evolve in Pokemon emerald version?

shuckle doesnt evolve

What is shuckle affected to in emerald?

Shuckle is a Bug and Rock type pokemon its weaknesses are: Water, and Rock.

How do you get a shuckle in Pokemon diamond?

Route 224 but you need Pokemon Emerald version inserted.

How does shuckle appear in Pokemon FireRed?

Shuckle is not available in Firered you will need Emerald to trade you one you will need to use Rock Smash in the secret part of the Safari Zone to find it.

How do you get a shuckle on Pokemon platinum?

route 224 (after you get the national pokedex, insert Pokemon emerald into your d.s.)

How do you get shuckle in platinum?

There is a 8% chance of encountering Shuckle on Route 224. However, you need to have Pokemon Emerald Version inserted into your DS.

How do you catch shuckel in Pokemon Pearl?

With a Pokemon Emerald Cartridge in your GBA Slot, Shuckle appears at Route 224.

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