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How do you find slaking Pokemon diamond?


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Slaking is a powerful normal type of Pokemon. You can get a Slaking in Pokemon Diamond by evolving the Pokemon Vigoroth.


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well you cant actually catch a third evolution Pokemon you first catch a slacoth then evolve it to slaking hope its usful the information

Slaking is a Normal type pokemon.

You can find a Slakoth in the middle of Route 104. From there, level it up to Lvl. 36 and it will evolve to a Slaking.

You'll need to evolve Vigoroth to get it or trade.

You can find Pidey in a Pokemon Outbreak in Pokemon Diamond

you dont a slaking just by catching it,slakoth may be swarning in eterna forest thats the only way slakoth to vigoroth at lv 18 and vigoroth to slaking at lv 36

i am not interested in slaking that much but im pretty sure that some r on the maps and most r in the rooms. good luck! :) -marshmellow10

where do i find a totodile in Pokemon diamond/pearl on nintendods

You can not find or get manaphy on Pokemon diamond but you can by hacking, trading or... if you have Pokemon ranger you have to complete the manaphy mission and then you can put it onto diamond.

You can't CATCH Slaking in Sapphire, the only way to get Slaking is to :1)catch a Slakoth, 2) evolve it to Vigoroth 3)Evolve Vigoroth and wala! you have Slaking

Slaking is #289 in the national pokedex, and it is a Normal type Pokemon.

get an action replay and find a cheat that lets u find all the Pokemon in Pokemon diamond

slaking is a normal type pokemon. it may be a gorrilla or something i am not sure which one you are talking about so i put both

To get a Manaphy in Pokemon Diamond you have to get Pokemon ranger and defeat it and you have to trade it to Pokemon Diamond,Platinum or Pearl.

Mew cannot be found in Pokemon diamond

You can't find a Ho-ho in Pokemon Diamond. You have to migrate.

y could find them all over pokemon diamond,and pearl.

you cant find a electivire in Pokemon diamond you can only trade from another game

Not really that rare... in Pokemon Diamond you can find Sunkerns on Route 204

you have to catch all of the pokemon in diamond or SEE all of the pokemon

You can't find Articuno in pokemondiamond but you can migrate it in pokemon leaf green version or pokemon fire red version.

In Pokemon Diamond, old amber can be used to produce a rare Pokemon. You can find it in the underground by mining.

mr. stone has Pokemon he has a sharpedo and slaking

You can't find Steven Stone in Diamond

you can find legendary Pokemon by using your Pokemon tracker

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