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How do you find software in a windows PC?

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Somewhere in the 'Start' menu, which is accessed by clicking the mouse button in the lower left hand corner, there is a program called 'find'. You can use different parameters to locate something on the computer, such as date created, name, type, etcetera.

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How is Mac different from windows?

A mac is a computer....Windows is software that runs on a PC.

What software can you use to split a movie into parts?

If your on a mac, iMovie or iDvd. On a PC use the supplied windows software: Windows MovieMaker. It should come with your PC. You can also downloads 3rd party software.

Why can't my all in one pc support a new software update I bought?

Your pc is most likely running on an out-of-date version of Windows. Try looking for Windows requirements on the new software you just purchased, and you will see which Windows system your pc needs to be running on to be able to handle your new software.

What is PC health tool?

A software included in Windows or BIOS which assure the correct functionality of a PC.

What does the Windows Virtual PC do?

Windows Virtual PC enables a PC user with a more recent version of Windows, (such as Windows 7), to run an older version of Windows (such as Windows XP). Windows Virtual PC can run right from the desktop and only for specific programs. Virtual PC was designed to eliminate compatibility issues with older software on newer Windows operating systems.

How do i screen film on my windows PC?

You cannot screen film on Windows PC via the inbuilt functions. External software are required for capturing it.

Where can one find virtual computer software online?

Microsoft Windows offer virtual pc software for use on a Mac, which allows one to run PC programs on a Mac. It can be purchased and downloaded from iTunes and Microsoft, or from Amazon.

What exactly does Virtual PC for Windows 7 do?

Virtual Pc for windows is a software that allows you open up programs in windows 7. It helps you do things you were not able to do compared to using windows XP.

How do you run XP software on Windows 7 64bit?

You can use Windows Virtual PC which you can download for free from together with Windows XP (for Virtual PC) also for no charge.

What is the plural of software?

Software. Example: Tony purchased software, including Windows Vista and Microsoft Office, for his new PC.

What software is used to run Windows 7?

Everything included(software) to run Windows 7 is in the DVD. Read up on "Operating systems" or Microsoft's "Windows Virtual PC".

Is there free software to find what version of windows and Antivirus is on each PC on a network?

Their is no real good software that will do both of these for free, most network tools you will have to pay for but you can make a program that will do it for you.

How can I obtain hypercam and would it be free?

You can download hypercam for your PC at This software will work with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. This software is 100% free.

Can you get apples imovie for PC?

Apple's iMovie is not available for a Windows PC. Microsoft make movie maker software which would be the next best thing for Windows.

How do you protect your windows 7 laptop PC from a virus?

You need to get the right software.

Is it possible for me to still be able to play my older PC games on my PC after i upgraded to a much better system that will be able to play all the latest PC games?

depends on the software many games must have the older software. Windows 95 games don't all run on windows XP let alone windows vista or windows 7

Where can you find Windows xp?

If you mean where can you buy it then try stores like PC WORLD or online computer software retailers like

What two terms can be used to describe the Windows Virtual PC?

VIRTUALIZATION and EMULATIONdescribes theWindows Virtual PC software by Microsoft.

What does PC in PC cast stand for?

It stands for Phyllis Christine. You can find software for pc at

If You just got a new PC do you get Windows 7 for free?

A brand new PC should come with Windows 7 pre-installed on it. The cost of the software will be included in the price of the machine.

What software is the link between hardware and application software?

On PC, Operating System provides this link: Windows Linux Mac OS

Can you put itunes on your samsung smart PC?

Yes, there is iTunes software available for Windows computers.

How can you find free software for Windows Me?

Free software that will run on Windows Me can be found on a variety of software websites. You just need to check the system requirements listed to see if the program is compatible with Windows Me.

Can you run older versions of Windows software on Windows 7?

Yes, you can. But sadly a lot of software designed for older windows versions will not work under windows 7. You can use Virtual PC if you want run something working under XP but on windows 7 computer.

Benefit of Software Windows Mobile?

The software windows mobile program can allow you to travel with a full PC on your Macbook. This is one of the top programs for transferring software that only works on a Windows Operating System. A lot of people enjoy using the Flash program. They are soon disappointed to find that this program can not be used on a Mac system. To be able to use this program, you can simply install the Windows Mobile software on your Macbook. This way, you will be able to access the Flash program whenever you wish. The Flash program is one of the top benefits of using Windows software.