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To find the approximate age, you need to find the model number, cross reference it to the manufacturer's model, and find when that model was introduced and discontinued. There were several manufacturers who produced rifles for Montgomery Ward's store brand Western Field. Heym, FN, Savage, Marlin, and Mossberg produced rifles. One of the most common center-fire rifle manufacturers was Mossberg, particularly the models 800 and 810, which cross-reference to models 767 and 732 respectively. All models of center-fire rifles under the Western Field brand, assuming good condition, begin in value from $200 and go up from there. The Mossberg 800 and 810 based center fire rifles (308, 243, 30-06, 7mm Mag, etc) value between $250 and $400 each, depending on finish and quality of stock (birch or walnut). Heym and FN based Western Field rifles can go upwards to $500 because of their classic Mauser actions. Mossberg-made lever actions go for $200-$300 and Marlin-based lever actions go for approximately the same price as Marlin-branded rifles of the same era.

At one time, store-branded rifles were considered less valuable because they were more basic and were not marked with the original manufacturer (such as Winchester or Remington). However, as time has progressed, their value has increased as shooters realized that the plane-jane rifles of the 1950's-70's still had a deep, polished blue, good iron sights, hinged floor-plates, and walnut stocks - all features of far more expensive rifles these days. The low-end rifles of the 1960's are equivalent to the mid-range rifles today - making these store brand rifles greater values.

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Q: How do you find the age and value of a Western Field rifle?
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