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how do you find the area of a rectangle witha perimeter of 36 in You don't.

You need more information

For example a 1 x 17 rectangle has a perimeter of 36 and its area is 17.

But a 2 x 16 rectangle also has a perimeter of 36 and its area is 32.

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How do you calculate the missing value of the width if the length is 10m and perimeter is 36m?

Assuming you're measuring a rectangle... Okay - you know the length of one side (10m), and the perimeter (36m) The two sides you know total 20m, therefore the sum of the other two sides MUST equal 16m divided by 2 = 8m.

A rectangle has a length of 12m and a width of 6m what are the perimeter of the rectangle?

The formula for finding a rectangle's perimeter is 2(l+w).Here, length is given as 12 m & width as 6m. So, the correct answer is2(l+w)=2(12+6)=2 x 18=36m.

What is 45 percent of -- 36m?

45 percent of -- 36m = 80m45% of x = 36m(45% * x)/45% = 36m/45%x = 36m/45%x = 36m/0.45x = 80m

What is 36m plus 72n?

It is 36m + 72n which can be factorised to 36*(m + 2n)

The perimeter of a rectangle is 126m the length is 9m more than twice the width what are the dimensions?

P=126 L=9+2x w=x 126=2(9+2x)+2x 126= 18+4x+2x 126=18+8x 108=8x 13.5=x So W= 13.5m and L=36m

Is 36M the length of a bicycle?

No. 36M could be interpreted as 36 meters, which is way longer than any bicycle.

In longitude hours where can you find the constellation Orion?

The main rectangle of Orion's body occupies a span of Right Ascension from about 5H 15M at Rigel to 5H 55M at Betelgeuse, with the middle star in the belt (Alnilam) almost exactly centered in this range, at RA 5H 36M .

Is 3.6m greater or less than 36m?

Less than because 3.6m = 360cm but 36m = 3600cm

What is the length of the side of a square whose area is 36m squared?

Each of its 4 sides measure 6m in length because 6*6 = 36 square meters

If the length of a rectangle is 9m longer than its width the area of the rectangle is 36m sq units find the dimensions of the rectangle?

To solve this problem, you first need to define some variables and then set up an equation. Let w = width of the rectangle and l = length of the rectangle. Since the length is 9 m longer than the width, we can write the following: w = width w + 9 = length Since the area of a rectangle is found by multiplying length x width, we can write the following equation: w(w + 9) = 36 Next, we must solve this equation. By the distributive property, we have w^2 + 9w = 36. Subtracting 36 from both sides, we get w^2 + 9w - 36 = 0 We can factor this trinomial into (w + 12)(w - 3) = 0 By the zero product property, we have w + 12 = 0 or w - 3 = 0 Solving these two equations, we have that w = -12 or w = 3. Since the width of a rectangle cannot be negative, we ignore the w = -12 solution and we find that w = 3. Since our width is 3 m, our length must be 12 m. We can check our answer by verifying that 12 m x 3m = 36 m^2.

How many inches in 36 meters?

36m is equal to about 1,417.3 inches.

What is the radius of 36m?

It's 18 36 divided by 2 equals 18

How long is the flight from Philadelphia to Amsterdam?

The average flight time is around 8h 36m

Stopping distance at 40 mph?

Stopping distance at 40mph = 36m

How many cm is 36 m?

36m is 3,600cm (m x 1,000 = cm)

How far would you walk if you walked around an octagon where all sides were 36 meters?

Since an octagon has eight sides, you would multiply the side length of 36m by 8: 36m x 8 = 288 meters walking distance.

How many cubic feet of dirt are in a hole of 3 feet by 4 feet by 3 feet?

in order to work this out, you need to find the volume. to do this you can do some simple multplication; 3x3x4 = 36m cubed :)

Who is taller mauna loa or mauna kea?

Mauna Kea is taller, but only by 117ft (36m).

What is longer 4.89 m long or 0.036 km?

0.036 km is 36m, so it is longer.

How many cm is 36m?

1 metre = 100 centimetres36 metres = 3600 centimetres

Is 3.6 m greater than 36m?

3.6 of anything is only one tenth as much as 36 of them.

What is the size of an indoor hockey field?

An indoor hockey pitch is 18m to 22m wide by 36m to 44m long.

What is the ratio of 36m to 40cm?

36 m : 40 cm = 3600 cm : 40 cm = 90 : 1

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