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Try these sites: #

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Q: How do you find the art sales at Zantman Galleries in California?
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You can find information about California sales tax in the website of California State Board of Equalization. You can find information on the dates they last checked.

How do you find sales tax in california?

'Sources and related links' below has links to California sales tax rates.

Where can someone find information about California sales tax?

Someone can find information about California sales tax in BOE (Board of Equalization). In their website or in their branch. Many smart shoppers can find bargains online, but don't realize they can incur a tax bill in the process. California law requires tax on in-state purchases, and also requires tax on items purchased out-of-state for use in California.

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One can find more information about local art galleries and dealers in the arts and leisure section of local newspapers and magazines. One can also visit tourist information centers for local culture brochures.

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What art galleries have a section dedicated to photos?

Most art galleries will have a section dedicated to photos. Depending on where one lives they can find information on gallery listings in their local phone book or by searching online directories for one's area.

Where can I find out about online Black Friday sales?

The best place to find out about black friday sales is Facebook. By liking your favourite stores Facebook page, you are able to get notified when there are such sales.

You are a California resident buying a car in Oregon can you register it in Oregon and then transfer to ca to avoid sales tax if yes how?

I only know about Oregon law and you won't be able to register the vehicle with the Oregon DMV unless you can find someone with an Oregon address to assist you in lying about your residency. I don't think it will help you anyhow. You could get fined in California for not having your car properly registered in California and we all know California needs money right now! Plus it depends on how California goes about collecting it's sales tax, so there may be no getting around it. A lot of states ask for a sales receipt even if you bring it in from out of state. Maybe someone who knows California law can give you an answer from that perspective.

Is there a market for abstract art in non contemporary museums or galleries?

There is a small niche market for abstract art in non contemporary galleries. However, since most abstract art is fairly modern, you will find a better market for it in a modern gallery.

Where can I find hand made vases?

A search on the internet will return many places that sell handmade vases, you can also find them at art shows and art galleries.

Where can I find artwork that was used in a movie?

To find artwork that was used in a movie, you need to contact the film's distributor. You can also contact the director or anyone that was associated with the making of the movie. If you are familiar with the artwork or artist, you may be able to track down local galleries via information listings. Another option is to visit an area art store and speak to a sales representative.

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