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Average velocity is change in position (displacement) divided by the interval.


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No, the range sensor reads what gear or "range" you have shifted into.A speed sensor reads the speed of an item.No, the range sensor reads what gear or "range" you have shifted into.A speed sensor reads the speed of an item.

Well one is in tamagotchi V3, it'll be given when you donate to the gotchi king and use the item given. --mewMew

It measures the speed of an item.

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Go to your trunk, find the item and then press 'send as gift'. You'll then be given a choice of friends to send it to.

This means the average deviation from the average. So first find the average. Then, one by one for each item, find the difference of the item from your average. Ignore the sign when the difference is negative. Find the average of these by adding up and dividing by the number of terms. Instead of ignoring the signs it is common to square each difference, add up all the squares and divide by the number of terms (= mean square) and take the square root (= root mean square. or r.m.s).

Depends, on what you mean... If you want to find an ITEM number at TESCO'S its easier to ask staff, or its at the bottom of the item. If you mean.. how do you find an item number ON Tesco's, You can't Tesco's isn't a item, it's a store.

Have the Pokemon with the Item be the first in the party. Then, go to Attach An Item.You'll be given th option to unattach it there

The reliability of any item on average when compared to other items used for the same purpose.

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original price-sale price. Then original sale price/the answer to the previous.

You would attempt to find all the components of an average, non-modified food item, then compare it to a food item of the same type that has been genetically modified to see if any other chemicals in the GM food item could be dangerous that aren't in the original food item.

Averages are used in everyday life when you are doing your shopping and you need to find out the average price of an item. That way, you will be able to know which shops might do that item for a cheaper price.

You can write any algorithm in any way you like. Many prefer pseudocode or flowcharts, others use prose or more formalized methods. For example, if you wanted to describe an algorithm to count the number of occurrences of a given item I in a given list L, I would propose the following pseudocode: let counter be 0. let the current item C be the first item in list L. while C == valid { if C matches I then increment counter set C to the next item in the list } return counter.

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The food item in alphabetical order refers to the systematic arrangement of food in a given order.

If the item is already in motion, yes; it will continue to move in the same direction and at the same speed.

This item is given with a secret code.

Are you talking about the promotional item given away at Subaru dealers in the late 60's or 70's? If so I have one...

What i did was i used sheer cold and recover on all my Pokemon and hoped for the best. My POKEMON: Feraligatr lvl 647 item: X speed Salamance lvl 356 item: X speed Pinsir lvl 138 item: X speed Torterra lvl 211 item: X speed Blissey lvl 216 item: X speed Dark Wailord lvl 232 item: X speed If you don't have Pokemon above level 300 then i recommend you train all your Pokemon to lvl 300 and at least one lvl 600-800 Pokemon would help you alot I train using X speed and sheer cold i would train on these trainers Trainer #s: 2802037, 482301, 350514 use sheer cold

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