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How do you find the best lawyer in your state?


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June 06, 2007 10:34AM

When you are seeking legal advice it is very important to find the right lawyer. There are good and bad ones out there and you need to choose one that will fight for you and try to get results that are acceptable. Price is often a problem as there are a lot of attorneys who will over charge you. So, there are two ways of finding a lawyer. One is – You search the lawyer who is from the same state in your yellow pages and is familiar with all the state laws. Then you will search for the firm that deals with your particular type of case, as many attorneys will specialize in different fields. Then you will look for an experienced attorney which is board certified in the state where they are practicing. Then you will check their reputation with general public or peers. Then you will try to get a free initial consultation which mostly attorneys do not give for free. After all these stuffs, you are not sure that the contract you are sighing does not have any hidden fees. Now let’s have a look at the second one – You fill a simple form in a reliable company. An expert and experience attorney contacts you within 24hrs at the time you want. He gives you a genuine advice and updates you with the proper laws, proper procedures and genuine charges. There is no hidden cost and you don’t have to pay anything till now. Now if you think that this attorney will be able to solve your issue you pay only $1/day, otherwise if you think that you want another attorney and you are not satisfied with the current attorney you can easily do this. So you will save a lot for yourself with the help of