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Shotgun ammunition is measured by gauge (or bore in England), not caliber. In addition to the gauge, you will need to know the correct shell length and an old damascus barreled gun probably uses 2 1/2 inch shells which are no longer available. To determine the correct ammunition, you will have to have the chambers measured by a gunsmith. He probably won't even charge you for this simple service. Most likely, an old American Arms shotgun will be a 12 gauge. If a dime fits the muzzle, it's a 12 gauge modified choke, if it fits loosely, it's 12 gauge open choke, and if it will almost go in, it's 12 gauge full choke. You'll probably find that one barrel is full and the other modified. Even if you determine the correct ammunition for this gun, don't shoot it. Although damascus barrels were excellent for the proper ammunition when new they are subject to deterioration over time (and your gun is probably nearly if not over 100 years old) if they have not had proper care for their entire lifetime.

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How many barrels in a Gatling gun?

The first ones had six barrels that used .58-caliber ammunition.

What caliber is a model 325 s x s shotgun?

Shotguns are described by gauge, not caliber. It should be marked on the barrels as to which is the correct ammuntion and gauge. Shotguns are described by gauge, not caliber. It should be marked on the barrels as to which is the correct ammuntion and gauge.

Can you use 68 caliber paintballs in a 69 caliber gun?

There are no 69 caliber guns. There are over sized barrels, but they all use .685 standard paintballs.

Are the barrels over and under on a savage 22 caliber 20 gauge?


Who makes alum 22 Caliber Guns barrels in US?

Beyer Barrels, Tactical Solutions, Majestic Arms, and too many others to list.

Has an over under rifle ever been manufactured using the 30 caliber on both barrels?


Are browning BLR lt wt Takedown barrels interchangeable in different calibres in the same models as in 300 win mag and 7mm rem mag?

No, they do not have interchangeable barrels to change caliber

How much would a 1929 central arms 16 gauge be worth?

A "store brand" or "trade name" made by the Crescent Arms Co. of Norwich Conn. for the Shapleigh Hardware Company of St. Louis, MO. Crescent started about 1892. They offered inexpensive single and double barrels in 12, 16, 20, 28 and 44XL shot caliber. Barrels were either Damascus Twist laminated or Armory Steel Barrels. They do not have much value and are best relegated to "wall hanger" status unless checked out by a competent gunsmith. Prices range from 100-400.

You have 2 colt 36 caliber pocket revolvers octagon barrels what are they worth?

You need the services of a professional firearms appraiser

What was distinctive about the US Civil War era Le Mat revolver?

It had two different caliber barrels on the same frame.

What is the value of a sile 12 gauge 3 barrel shot gun?

it depends on the manufacturer and the condition of the gun. it helps to know the caliber of all three barrels. usually you have two shotgun barrels and the third is a rifle.

What is my mint condition Thompson Center Arms TCR 83 Deluxe worth I have the 7mm 30 06 and 243 win barrels for it as well?

I have a couple with several barrels. The prices I have seen recently range between about 700 and 1500. Extra barrels are 180 to 250 depending on the caliber.

Does a smith and Wesson 40 have a damascus or a twist steel barrel?

If you are asking about a Smith and Weson handgun in .40s&w caliber,then no these firearms do not have a damascus,or twist steel barrel.This type of barrel was only found on shotguns made from the time period of 1880-1910.

How fast does a minni gun shoot?

If you mean a mini-gun, it depends on the number of barrels, caliber, and whether it has the capability to fire at different rpms.

Can a 22 caliber Arminius chrome revolver eight shot shoot a bullet with 6 lands and grooves?

Barrels have lands and grooves, not ammunition.

Where is the serial number and caliber shown on an American bulldog revolver?

Caliber should be on the barrel. SN's were not required until 1968

Who makes the 25 caliber gaurdian?

North American Arms

How many rounds per second on a gallatin gun?

Gatling gun rates of fire depend on caliber, number of barrels and whether electric or hand powered.

What is the value of a Benjamin Franklin air rifle model 317 177 caliber brass barrel?

What condition is it in, That determines the value. BTW they all had Brass Barrels.

What rifles were used in the civil war?

1861 Springfield 58 caliber Rifle Musket 1858 Endfield 3 Band .577 caliber Rifle Musket Sharp's Carbine 50 caliber Sharp's rifle 50 caliber Burnside carbine 52 caliber Spencer repeating carbine 52 caliber Henry Repeating rifle 44-40 rimfire Model 1841 Mississippi Rifle 58 caliber Harper's Ferry 1840 conversion smoothbore 69 caliber (Buck and Ball) This list represents only the more popular rifles. Other firearms such as shotguns (which do not have rifled barrels) and handguns (revovlers) are not listed.

Is there a 22lr pistol that can be converted to a larger caliber?

With the exception of guns like the Thompson/Center, a single shot weapon that changes barrels, there are few .22 pistols that can EASILY converted to a larger caliber. The .22 is a rimfire, and firing pin is in the wrong place for a centerfire cartridge.

What is the caliber on Marlin model 1892 with octagon barrel?

The guide I use states it came in .22 or .32. If it had a 16" barrel, it was a .22, but longer barrels could have been either.

What is the diameter of a paintball gun barrel?

very slightly largery then .685 caliber, but high end barrels can be ordered to a specific smaller or larger diameter, usually from .67 to .69.

What does an American arms 44 caliber pistol look like?

A large revolver

Do ardesa still make 54 cal smoothbore barrels?

No, the largest caliber for infantry rifles is .50 caliber (12.7x.99mm in NATO). Besides a .54 caliber gun is WAYYY to big to have a person fire with todays advances in gun-powder and weaponry. However the M1A1 Abrams battle tank has a 120mm SMOOTHBORE cannon. Also, the A-10 Warthog has a 30mm minigun in it's nose.