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Area of a circle = 3.14 * r2

Thus, radius, r = root of ( Area of a circle / 3.14 ) --------- equation 1

Circumference of circle = 2 * 3.14 * r

Therefore, from (equation 1), Circumference = 2 * 3.14 * root of ( Area of a circle / 3.14 ).

In a nutshell, first find the radius and then the circumference.

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The area of a circle when the circumference is 10 inches is: 7.96 square inches.

To find the circumference of a circle then multiply pi (3.14159265...) by the diameter of the circle. To find the area then multiply pi by the radius squared.

Circumference of a circle = 2*pi*radius or diameter*pi Area of a circle = pi*radius squared

Area of the circle = (circumference)2 / (4 pi)Area = 0.0796 circumference2(rounded)

What do you have? The area of the circle or the circumference? Area: divide the area by pi, then square root it Circumference: divide the circumference by 2 then divide it by pi

Divide its circumference by 2*pi which will give the radius of the circle. Area of the circle then is pi*radius squared

Square root (Area/pi) to get the radius Then 2xRadiusxPi= Circumference

If the object is a circle and if 9.5 is the diameter, the area is 70.88 and the circumference is 29.85

If the object is a circle and if 24 is the diameter, the area is 452.39 and the circumference is 75.4

Area of a circle is: A=π*r2 and r=circumference/2. Find 1/2 of the circumference and square it (multiply by same number), then multiply by pi.

The circumference of a circle with a radius of 5 centimeters 157.0796...The area of a circle with a radius of a 5 centimeters is 78.5398...

Divide the circumference by pi, and that will give you the diameter. Then take half of the diameter (the radius), and plug it into the formula for the area of a circle (A=πr²)

To find the diameter of a circle, you will either need to know the area or its circumference. If you know the area: diameter = 2 x squareroot(area / Pi) If you know the circumference diameter = circumference / Pi

The radius of a circle is the distance from the center to any point on the circle. The area is the space within the circle. The formula to find the area is πr2. r stands for the radius of the circle. If you want to find the radius, you can work backwards from the area or the circumference, which is the perimeter of the circle. The formula for circumference is 2πr.

Pi is the number of times the diameter of a circle will fit into the circumference. Pi is not a circle, and does not have a circumference or area. To calculate a circumference USING pi, the circumference is diameter * pi. To find the area using pi, area = pi * radius * radius

The area of a circle with a circumference of 9.42 is about 7.06.

You dived the area by the circumference of the circle.

you divide the area by pi. then, find the square root of the number you have. now you have the radius. find the circumference by multiplying by the diameter or by multiplying by two times the radius.

The area of a circle with radius r is pi*r*r and its circumference is 2*pi*r Use the first to find r and then use that value of r in the second to find the circumference.

If the area of a circle is given as 67cm squared, the diameter is 9.236 cm and the circumference is 29.02 cm

Area of a circle without pi = (circumference/diameter)*radius2

If the circumference or diameter is given then you can find the radius or simply measure the distance from the centre of the circle to the circumference.

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