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Knickerbocker was a house brand name for Crescent Arms shotguns distributed by HD Folsom. All you can know for sure is that it was made before 1915.

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Q: How do you find the date Knickerbocker shotguns were made?
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How Can you find out information about your shotguns from their serial numbers?

If data has been published, you might be able to find out the date made and specific model.

Is there a proof house website for Italian shotguns to find date when made?

Maker's use different dating codes.

Where can you find a replacement stock for a Knickerbocker double barrel shotgun serial 13640?

Will have to be made. Semi-inletted stocks for Crescent Hammerless shotguns can be had for around $40, but require quite a bit of expert work to finish.

Where can you find information about Knickerbocker shotguns?

Not a lot of information. It was a trade name retailed (I believe) by H&D Folsom of New York City. The guns were made by Crescent, Crescent-Davis, and/or Stevens c. 1890-1940.

Any information on a double 18 inch barrel hammerless knickerbocker?

Your Knickerbocker shotgun was mad by the firm Cresent firearms Co.They were in business between 1880,s up till 1932.This firm made many shotguns under different hardware store names,of which yours is one.These were utility grade shotguns made for the general public and many farm owners of the day.there price was resonable for the working familiy,s of the time.

Are Remington shotguns made in Russia?

No. Remington shotguns are made in the USA.

Where were barton and co shotguns made?

Barton & co shotguns were made in Liege, Belgium.

Where was J J Weston shotguns made?

When was J J Weston Shotguns made

Looking for stock for knickerbocker 12 gauge double barrel?

the knickerbocker was made by crescent arms Look under Crescent Tryon firearms

Where are Stoeger shotguns made?

Made in Turkey.

What shotguns are made in Brazil?

CBC for one Stoeger Condor and Uplander shotguns, also at least some Rossi shotguns

Where can you find parts for shotguns made by the Baker Gun Co?

You'll probably have to find a gunsmith who can make your parts. Shotguns marked Baker Gun Co were made in Belgium or by Crescent Fire Arms, Meriden, CT, for H & D Folsom in the early 20th Century.

Is there a manufacturer that makes a replacement butt stock for an American Gun Company Knickerbocker?

You might try Numrich ( If your Knickerbocker was made by Crescent, they can probably help, but if you have a Belgian-made gun probably not.

Is a 1969 browning light 12 made in Belgium?

Yes.All Browning shotguns made prior to the year 1976 were Belgium made shotguns.

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Who made Davidson and Davidson shotguns?

Mr. Davidson from the board of education in 1864 made davidson I don't know about the shotguns, though.

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What is the model of a Browning semiautomatic shotgun mfg date December 1970?

There were many models of shotguns being made in 1970. Please be more specific

What years did savage produce model 220a shotguns?

the savage model 220 shotguns were made from 1937-1945 with 50,000 being made.

Were st etienne shotguns made in Italy?

No they were made in France.

Who makes WM Morse shotguns?

I was informed that' some Morsel shotguns were made by Navy Arms Co.