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You measure its mass and volume and then density = mass/volume.

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The formula for density: density = mass / volume. Volume of a cube = edge3 You could then need to find the mass of the cube and substitute the values into the density formula.

The density of any material thing is (its mass) divided by (its volume), regardless of its shape.

There is insufficient information for us to answer this question. Density = Mass / Volume. For a regular shape, the volume can be determined from a formula - which will depend on the shape. However, you still require the mass for which there is no information.

You need to find the mass and you need to find the volume. The latter may be calculated from the length of the side of the cube. Then, density = Mass/Volume in the appropriate measurement units.

A solid cube is easy. You measure its mass and its volume. The volume of a cube is the length of a side cubed. And then density is the mass divided by the volume. The question is more difficult for a box where you need to measure the volume of the material that makes up the box. You need to measure the outside dimensions of the box and calculate the volume of the box - INCLUDING the hollow space inside it. Then you measure the inside dimensions and so calculate the volume of the space. The difference between these two is the volume of [the material of] the box. Again, the mass divided by the volume gives the density.

Density = mass/volume for solid, liquid, or gas. It doesn't matter.

Well its quite easy: Density=Mass/Volume Volume=Mass/Density SO if mass and density of a cube are given you can easily find its volume.

Use the formula:mass = volume x density

To find the mass of a cube by multiplying the density times the volume of the cube. The volume can be found by multiplying the height times the height times the length.

Make sure the volume is in milliliter units and then multiply it by the density of the cube and you will get the mass of the object in grams. That is because density=grams/milliliters, so grams=density•milliliters

Form a cube 1x1x1 cm. Weigh it

From the information available, you cannot.

Use a digital mass scale or a triple-beam-balance scale to find the mass of a regular solid.

Finding the volume of a regular object cube can be hard. This will be hard because there is no real formula for measuring irregular objects.

Different metals have different densities, so to find the density either the type of metal or both the size and mass of the cube must be provided. Density is mass divided by volume.

LXWXH= volume find the mass and divide it with the volume mass divided by volume equals density

in a refrigerator (an ice cube) for example

The simplest procedure is find the mass of the cube using a simple balance. Preciously measure the size hence volume of the cube. Then Density=Mass/Volume and unit is gm/cc

you divde the weight by cm3, and then divide mass by the volume and you will get the density

A regular square shape is a 2-dimensional object. It has no volume and therefore no mass. Therefore, it cannot have a density.

Density = mass/volume for solid, liquid, or gas. It doesn't matter.

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