How do you find the eject button on a dell touch screen?

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What is a Touch Screen?

A screen, that when touched in specific places, performs certain tasks. It can be accessible by human finger touch only

My monitor is black and the onoff button is blinking It will not turn on.Its a flat screen Dell?

1. check the RAM is seated 2. Try any other RAM 3. still the same problem check the video or graphics card , if any 4. if no graphics card and problem stiil changing it clear your CMOS by removing battery 5. if its new system then, remove battery, then take a small wire piece and short the p ( Full Answer )

Where is the print screen button on a dell laptop keyboard?

It's above F10 and named "Prnt Scrn". . Use the print screen key, u will get the full screen capture, press CTRL+Pr Scrn button, uwill get active window. . But if u wanna capture anything on the screen, i think the print screen button couldnot help u. So i recommend u try PCHand Screen Caputre. It ( Full Answer )

What is touch screen?

a touch screen can be a phone/ computer that you can touch by your finger and it does it if you know what i mean it is well hard to explain right so it is something that you can touch it it will go automaticly to that place what you touched instead of using buttons

How do you do a print screen for a dell computer?

Use the button "Pr Scrn" on keyboard, without minimizing what u wanna capture then press it. U should goto MS Paint or any other graphic editors and Press CTRL+V , save the image… U could also try PCHand Screen Capture. I'm using it…It has a free trial version and easy to use, even for a ( Full Answer )

My ipod touch screen isn't working it won't read my touch and only the power button menu button and volume control- it's a 2nd gen touch- help?

okay so the solution is that you just bring back the ipod to the apple store and they will trade it in for a new one. you probably have a defective ipod or the screen is broken. this has happened to me b4 .just bring it inor instead you could plug it into your mac and open itunes. then go to your ip ( Full Answer )

Why is the touch screen not responding to touch?

reset! ok, first press both the top power/lock button and then the bottom button that has a square hold for 10 seconds then release if still not responding plug it to the computer and restore it

Where can you find touch sensitive screen?

There is information you left out. What do you need it for? Anyway, most touch screens are sold in tech stores. Try there for whatever you need with it.

On a Dell E4300 laptop what does the button to the left of the power button do?

It is the "Latitude On" button, which is supposed to give you a much quicker start, and much much longer battery life (with many of your same apps) by not loading Vista, but rather loading a version of Linux which is hard coded on your chip.\n. \n\n. \nEarly ( Full Answer )

If your iPod Touch went through the washing machine and all of the buttons work but not the touch screen what should you do?

There's not much you can do from here. The water must have gotten into the circuitry of the iPod and damaged the touch sensors. This may or may not be able to be fixed. Take your iPod Touch to the Genius Bar to see what they can do. If you are still under the 1-year warranty, you can another one ( Full Answer )

Cant find button to eject CD from daewoo kalos?

Press the centre menu button (centre button right of radio) right button that looks like > which should scroll through some other setting till you get to AUX on or off. The top button or bottom button V should switch the AUX on or off. Then press centre menu button to store your setting.

How do you unlock dell computer screen?

The first thing I would try is to hold down the menu button for 15 seconds. This should work but if it doesn't then try this: * Turn the computer and monitor off * Disconnect all monitor cabling from the monitor (power, USB, VGA, DVI, etc.) * Press and hold in the monitor power button in for 5 ( Full Answer )

How does a touch screen sense your touch?

I believe there are two ways: One involves heat sensing. One involves electrical currents that are disrupted when someone touches the screen, and the disruption of the electrical currents can be used to determine where the screen was touched.

How do you log into Facebook on your iTouch Every time you touch the log in button the screen loads and then returns the same log-in screen?

i HAVE NO IDEA but i do no someone who does is really helpful, cos it was for ME so hope your Facebook works but why not try on the computer ? . get my thinking yes that's good , or maybe your Facebook account is a bit dodgy cos I don't no anyone who has had this problem, . so check your itouch is ( Full Answer )

Where is the wifi button on a dell inspiron 1100?

First, locate the fn buttons. Try to find the fn button that has a signal- like small picture on one of the buttons. Once you find it, first press fn+ that fn key i told you to find. Hope it works for you.

How did the touch screen out?

sorry but no one really knows how they came out if i find any info i will put it on to this website k?

Where can one find a LG touch screen?

"You could find an LG touch screen phone from At&t or Verizon. They both have these phones, or you could find one online from Ebay, or maybe Amazon."

How do you get camera button off the lock screen on an ipod touch?

You can get to the camera from the lock screen of an iPod touch by double clicking the menu button. The little camera button will Then pop up in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. If you double click the menu button again it will disappear and go back to the normal lock screen.

How is touch screen touch screen?

There is a touch sensitive pad that transmits energy wirelessly to the a4 processor chip.A touchscreen is an electronic visual display that can detect the presence and location of a touch within the display area. The term generally refers to touching the display of the device with a finger or hand. ( Full Answer )

How big is the screen on the Dell mini?

Dell mini has several generations. It's a great notebook to bring it on a trip with you. It has a battery that can last for about eight hours. The screen on the Dell mini is 10 inches.

Where can one find cheap touch screen digital cameras?

You can find many varieties of cheap touch screen digital camera on Ebay, Walmart or Best Buy. If you need an upgrade, you can ask for camera specialists or go direct to Canon, Nikon, Olympus or Sony.

Where is a good place to find Dell laptop replacement screens?

Replacement screens for Dell laptops can be found in many places. A great place to start is on Dell's official site. Another place to find replacement screens for your laptop is on Amazon. There are always people selling replacement parts. If these do not work for you there is also a site just f ( Full Answer )

Where can one find cheap car touch screen stereo?

One can find a cheap car stereo that has touch screen from Amazon and the Touch Screen Car Stereos Website has more information on the popular brands which also lists further specifications on the model.Amazon has a Dual XDVD1170 with a seven inch touchscreen display for $155.

What are the best Dell laptop screens?

The Dell XPS 15 comes out a little ahead of the Dell XPS 17 in the 2 Dell laptops that were compared on the PC Mag website. Even though with the obvious screen size difference, there was one feature more that was added to the XPS 15 than the XPS17.

How eject disk into a dell inspiron computer?

you say eject disk "into". eject usually means to remove the disc from the computer. If you want to "eject" the disk you must push the button on the drive you inserted the disk into or go into Computer or My computer depnding on the version of windows you are using and right click on the CD drive ic ( Full Answer )

Where is the eject button on the MacBook Air?

On the 2011 onwards models of the macbook Air, there is no ejectbutton. It was removed because the 2011+ models of the macbook Airhas no optical drive that requires an eject button. In other words,Apple are trying to get rid of parts to make their products cheaperto make (which means even more broke ( Full Answer )