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How do you find the engine number in a Mazda?


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2008-01-24 22:22:24
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For the MAZDA 6 2007 -4 Cyl, 2.3 L, automatic transmition- the number is located on the lower right hand side (when view from the front of the vehicle) of the exhaust manifold. As a reference also you an take the A/T Deep stick, in wich case the number will be located to the left hand side of the stick looking down on a aluminum polish part of the engine (the number are not clearly recognizable, you need proper light)

Please see photos for reference at the following link:


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looking for an engine no on a mazda 1992 121,were is it locoteded on engine

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where is the lcation of mazda engine number 2007

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The Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, only identifies the body and frame of the vehicle. There is no VIN number on the engine and the engine number is not related to the VIN.

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You can find a Mazda Familia engine wiring guide in the owner's manual. You can also contact Mazda to obtain the diagram.

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the engine number is either at the front right hand side of the motor or the back right hand side

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