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Not always in the same place apparantly, here are some suggestions Trunkits usaully on a sticker in the trunk Glove boxOn a 1992 Sable it's on a small white sticker on the left side on the opened glove compartment

On year 2000 up Mercury sables the keypad on the driver's door unlocks the driver door, passenger doors then the trunk. To locate the factory keypad code in 2000 up mercury sables it is located on the side of the fuse box by the driver's side foot pedals. My sticker was pasted almost on the back side of the fuse box, I had to unscrew my box from the floor to read the code. All in all, just get ready to get upside down and intimate with your driver's side floor.

Not all Merc's have this sticker. My 2002 does not have the sticker on the fuse box. If you call up the dealer with your VIN number, they should be able to get you the number. It helps if it the dealer that you bought it from. My dealer looked it up for me.

Here's the deal. The label is on the GEM module which is bolted behind the fuse box. Get on the floor with a flashlight and a mirror. There is a label on the GEM module which is at the edge of one of the corners. It will have the 5 digit number on it. You can also pull the fuse box and look at the number that way. It's not difficult to do. Disconnect the battery first.

Here's a couple more places to look on the Gen2 series (1992-1995), on one of the "owner care" cards in the manual folder (if it's still there), on a small, white decal on the underside of the trunk lid or mounting brackets, and a decal stuck to the inertia switch (behind the carpeting, driver's side in the trunk)

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Q: How do you find the factory five-digit number for the keyless entry on a Mercury Sable?
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Just a long shot, but check inside the trunk for a sticker.

How do you find the factory five-digit number for keyless entry on a 2000 mercury mountaineer?

My Ford dealer was able to find the code for my 2000 Expedition by using my VIN number. It seems that the same would apply to your situation.

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The dealer can tell.

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take vin number to ford dealer and they should give them to you

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Keyless entry codes for most makes and models can be obtained from a dealership with the VIN number and identification. If the code has been changed by a third party then the dealership will not be able to retrieve it.?æ

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can I retrieve my keyless code from my VIN number. I know it is on the fuse box, but my car is running and my dogs locked the doors.

If factory tag with keyless number on hindge of trunk is gone then where do you get the code?

it should also be on the keyless entry system unit mounted under the rear deck it the trunk. where the rear speakers are. the code will also be located on the rear valance or on the lock unit itself. the unit is located under the "package shelf" located in the trunk

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