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Depends on the fruit. Some fruits are sweeter than others and contain more sugar. Lemons are not sweet at all and a lemon has many few grams of sugar than an apple or grape. Some grocery store have nutritional information available on fresh fruits, just ask.

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Q: How do you find the grams of sugar in fresh fruit?
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How many grams sugar in orange?

There are 17 grams of sugar in 1 single orange. You will also find vitamin A and C in oranges and calcium and iron.

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How many grams of sugar in a cheese?

In American cheese I could not find that their is any sugar let alone a gram.

Is jam and jelly the same?

No. Jelly has a TON of sugar in it, jam has more fruit than jelly. You can often find more fruit chunks in jam. Jelly does not have fruit chunks in it.

How many grams are there in a bag of sugar?

To find the grams, multiply the weight of the bag in pounds by 453.6 (grams per pound). To find kilograms, divide the pound weight by 2.2 (pounds per kilogram).

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How many grams of sugar are in Gatorade?

Look into a nutritional database to find out, see link below.

What macromolecules are found in food labels?

In the food label, the two macromolecules you'll find are proteins, carbohydrates (sugar grams) and lipid (fat in grams).

How do you calculate the brix value of a drink concentrate containing 23 grams of sugar?

Since degrees Brix is equal to percent sugar (or sucrose), find the Brix value of a drink containing 23 grams of sugar, divide 23 by the number of total grams of liquid contained in the drink, then multiply by 100 to get the percent (or Brix value).

If you are baking cookies and the recipe calls for 250 grams of sugar how would you use the triple beam balance to find that amount?

Set the weights to 250 grams and put enough sugar on the other side of the scale to balance it.

How can someone find out the amount of sugar in a fruit?

The food and drug administration (FDA) has a website with reliable information.

How many grams of sugar equals a calorie?

From what I can find it seems that 1 gram equals 4 carories.

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Give an example of a food that is a monosaccharide?

table sugar- such as maple syrup, and fruit juices. You can find it in pears, grapes, .

How many calories are in 28.5 grams of sugar?

There are approximately 114 calories in 28.5 grams of sugar. Table sugar (sucrose) is almost pure carbohydrates. Each gram of carbohydrates has four calories. So to find out how many calories in 28.5g sugar, we simply multiply: 28.5 x 4 = 114 kcal

How many grams of sugar in a chocolate bar?

It depends on what brand it is and how many grams the chocolate bar is check the nutrition facts to find out

What is the recipe for papaya juice?

Papaya juice can be made from fresh papayas. Use as blender or smoothie maker to make fresh fruit juice. I have a NutiBullet and find that to be the best blender for making papaya juice.

How much sugar and the percentage of a Pepsi?

There are 42 grams of sugar in a 12 ounce Pepsi (240 ml). Pepsi is mostly water so the difference between the weight of Pepsi and water will be negligible. Milliliter to grams conversion of water is one for one. So, 240 ml of Pepsi will be about 240 grams. To find the percentage of sugar to Pepsi, divide the weight of the sugar (42) by that of the whole. 42/240 = 0.175 = 17.5% So: There are 42 grams sugar that is 17.5% of the weight of a 12 ounce can of Pepsi.

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