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Why would you want to get rid of bees in your yard ? I ask this because bees are a beneficial partner in the whole gardening process. They are pollinators, and without their assistance many plants can't set seed. We have had a bumblebee nest in the wall of our garage for 8 years, and we enjoy their presence in the yard. We have never been stung, because bees in general will not sting you unless they are being threatened.

If you have wasps or hornets in your yard, consider carefully your options. Unless you are allergic to wasp venom, consider leaving them alone. They are also very good pollinators, and have their place in the scheme of things.

I had a similar problem only with Hornets (some call them Yellow Jackets). They built a nest between the siding and insulation on the garage. Since I am not the adventurous type, I called a local pest control company. Their solution was to power spray the entire house and then remove the nesr and seal up all openings they could find. They told me that late evening was the quietest time and the least likelest for them to "attack". They also mentioned, that you should never, ever close up the entrance when there were live insects inside.

Its called "jugging the bees". Take a glass gallon jug and fill it about 3-4 inches full of warm to hot water. To this add a cup of sugar or some maple syrup . Shake around until the sugar dissolves somewhat and place the jug 4-5 feet from the bees hole in the ground. They will find it rather quickly and will drown in the solution. When all the worker bees are dead, the nest wont survive. If its a large nest, you may have to repeat the process. This is how people in the late 1800's and early 1900's handled bee problems.

The early am is the best time to take care of this. The stingers are still ahlf asleep, and the cool am temps make it easier to treat the nest. From the way you are describing their activity, you probably have yellow jackets. They are notorious for building their nests made out of "paper" in the ground. I would put a bee suit on before any disturbance is made to their nest. You have to get to the source and then eliminate it. I doubt if it is honeybees, but if it is honeybees, call the local extension service where you reside and get the # of a bee keeer. They dont charge to remove a honeybee hive, and why would you want to kill a honeybee hive with that colony colapse disorder going on. If it is yellow jackets, I would use a pyrethrin dust, and have a few cans of wasp spray available, as that stuff is used only to allow you to get close enough to the nest and then use the pyrethrin dust to kick the snot outta them. .

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Can bees bore through drywall?

carpenter bees can-honey bees look for an opening.

Do bees close the hive opening?


What have people done to control killer bees?

get a towel...whip it..goes down on floor..once down get a fork and stab through it

How do get rid of honey bees in my eaves?

If you have a beekeeper in the area, they will come and remove the bees for you. If you can't get in touch with a beekeeper, an exterminator can come out and remove the bees. Honey bees are important to the environment, and shouldn't be killed unless it is a last resort.

Are you going to control the killer bees?

No. Are you?

Who do I call for exterminating bees from my proprerty?

Companies such as Orkin and Terminix remove all kinds of pests, such as termites, bees, ants, and rodents. They also offer inspection services and will give you advice on the best way to control the pest problem.

How do you remove a bees nest?

With great care

How do you remove the honey after eliminating bees?

eat it

How can you remove bees from a couch?

Tell them to move

Why are bees dying on a basement floor?

If they cannot get to a food source they will die.

Does ammonia keep bees away?

Ammonia will not keep bees away or kill them. If you have a problem with bees on your property, contact a pest control company.

How do honey bees control global warming?

They don't.

Is it necessary to get rid of a bee's nest if you can patch up the entrance after you rid the bees from the walls or can the honey still attract bees thourgh some other opening?

You should get rid of the nest because wasps will be atracted to the honey and if there are wasps they probably won't sting you as they are stealing and remove the nest at night as that is when wasps bees and other insects go back to their hives, but be careful.

How do you get rid of bees in my hydrangea trees?

To get rid of bees in Hydrangea trees plant another bed of flowers to attract the bees to a different location away from the plant. To remove the bees from the yard completely contact local beekeepers to relocate the bees.

You have ground bees will ammonia kill them?

One method of killing ground bees or wasps is with ammonia. Late in the evening, pour ammonia in or near the nest's opening.

How do you clean the honey after the pest control has removed the bees and hive from inside the ceiling?

If they used chemicals to remove the bees, the honey is going to be contaminated with them and should not be eaten. If they used physical means to remove the bees and hive, then place the comb in a large pan, mash the comb up to insure that all the cells are open and GENTLY heat it up, slowly. The wax will melt. Cool the whole pan down and you should be able to lift out a single block of bee's wax. Strain the honey to remove the rest of the sediment and enjoy.

Can smoke keep bees away?

Beekeepers use smoke to control bees, but smoke generally isn't a bee repellant.

Can you remove a hive located outside once most of the bees are dead?

No. If there are still some bees alive, you can get seriously stung. And Trying to move the hive will make the bees madder.

How do you get rid of a bumble bee nest?

With the advance of the Africanized honey bees I would recommend calling a professional pest control company to safely remove it. Better to be safe than sorry.

How do you get rid of bees in a dryer vent?

You can purchase Raid or other chemicals to get rid of bees in a dryer vent. You can also call a pest control company to come out and get rid of the bees.

What is the role of a mortician bee?

Mortician bees remove the dead. It is the job of the mortician bee to keep the hive clear of dead bees.

Do any bees make honey other than honey bees?

Most bees make honey to feed themselves but only honey bees produce enough honey for a beekeeper to remove some of it in any great quantity.

I have bees in my camper walls. When will they die?

well big fat NOOB bees will not die call a freakin pest control!

How can you tell what kind of bees and wasps that you have?

You can tell what kinds of bees and wasps you have by calling your local pest control. You could also pull up pictures on the internet and compare your bees and wasps to them.

If we eat the honey do the bees die?

No, beekeepers remove most of the honey that the bees produce during the summer but replace it with sugar-syrup so that the bees won't starve to death during the winter.