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The horn relay is up under the dash near the radio. There are 2 relays there. remove the plastic and metal covering under the steering wheel and the relay is to the right of it. My 94 had a bad "clockspring". It is just a peice of ribbon type cable coiled around the steering column. My cruse control, airbag and horn are through that connector. I just resoldered them to the wires and I was in business.On the relay there are 4 wires blue (to horn) yellow blue opposite and the other two opposite each other are for the relay bypass the relay to test just jumper the blue wire with the opposite yellow test the relay, ground out one of the relay coil wires. From what I have been reading it may be the ribbon cable under the steering wheel on the column.(Just make sure to take off the ground to the battery first if you have an airbag before taking off the steering wheel cover and steering wheel.

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Q: How do you find the horn relay on a '94 Ford Aerostar?
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Where is the horn relay for a 1993 ford aerostar?

under dash between radio and steering wheel.

Horn is on all the time on 1993 ford aerostar?

first check the horn relay, if that dosent work your horn switch is probably stuck try checking it!

Where is horn relay on 1987 Ford Ranger?

To find the horn relay on a 1987 Ford Ranger, look along the steering column under the dash. Here you will find the speed control amplifier bracket, which is what the horn relay is connected to.

Where is the horn relay on a 2000 Ford Expedition and how do you get to it?

wheren is the horn relay on 2000 ford expedition

Where is your horn relay on your 93 Ford Ranger?

where is the horn relay on a 93 ranger

Where is the horn relay located on an 07 ford focus?

where is the horn relay switch located on a 2007 ford focus

Where is the location of the horn relay in a 2001 ford expedition?

The horn relay on a 2001 Ford Expedition is located on the RPO Relay Block 1. You can find this relay block under the dash just above the passenger-side air bag.

Where is the horn relay located on a 1994 Ford Aerostar?

The relay for a 1994 Ford Aerostar is located to the right of the steering column under the dash area. There are 4 wires coming in and out of it. The colors of the wires are normally 2 yellow/light blue, 1 dark blue and 1 yellow/light green.

What is the fuse number for the horn on a 2005 Ford Focus?

On a 2005 Ford Focus : ( # 33 is a 20 amp fuse for the horn and relay R23 is the horn relay )

Where is the horn relay in a 1994 Ford Bronco?

The horn relay in a 1994 Ford Bronco is located on attached to the cruise module. The electrical relay is under the hood.

1994 Ford F150 horn relay?

$10.49 What about it?

1993 ford aerostar van the horn does not work you put a line directtly to the battery and works fine you think the problem is the horn relay but you don't know where the horn relay is located thanks y?

sounds like it could be the clockwork spring that is in the stering colum you have to remove the stering whell to get at this and it is a dealer only part

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