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How do you find the length if you already have the width and the area?


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If Length * Width = Area, then Area ÷ width = Length

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If the area is already given, there should also be either width or length given. Do the area, divided by the length or the width. For example, the area divided by the width equal the length. Hope it helps.

Area = (length) times (width)Length = (area) divided by (width)Width = (area) divided by (length)

For a rectangle, area equals length times width. To find the length given the width and area, divide the area by the width.

To find the relationship in width and area you can use the formula area/length = width. To find the area of a room you multiple the length by the width.

Find the width, and multiply the length and the width.

For a rectangle or square, Area = Length * Width So Length = Area / Width.

Area = width x length in order to find width you need to know length

Length and Width. Area = Length * Width

Divide the area by the width and it will give you the length.

the area of a rectangle = length x widthwe can rearrange this to give uslength of a rectangle = area/ width

If you are trying to find the width of a rectangle with length and area then divide the area by the length. A=LxW. Simply divide both sides of the equation by the length and you'll have the width. W=A/L

Divide area by lengthA/L = W(area x length = width)

Area of rectangle divided by its length = width of rectangle

It not possible you nit witt that is not true length x width = area If you know length and area, solve width width = area / length then 2 x length + 2 x width = perimeter

If you have the area then you can find the width by dividing the area by the length...having the length by itself is broad

You cannot. In general, width and height place no restriction on length.

Use the following formulae: Area = length x width Perimeter = 2 x length plus 2 x width, or length + length + width + width

i think you find the square root of the area. that's the length and the width, so you multiply it.

the length of a rectangle is 8 more than the width. the area os 345 centimeters. find the length and width of the rectangle

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