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How do you find the lien holder or owner of an abandoned car in California?


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2015-07-15 20:52:15
2015-07-15 20:52:15

IF the car is on YOUR property, you should be able to get the info. IF not, then it is the cities problem. Call the city and ask to have it removed. You might find a friendly cop or wrecker co. who will help you if you have a legitamate interest in the car. Good Luck

The public agency must dispose of the vehicle:Whenever a peace officer, or any designated employee of a public agency authorized by CVC §22669, removes or causes the removal of an abandoned vehicle and the public agency, or if at the request of the public agency, the lienholder determines the estimated value of the vehicle to be $500 or

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To find the lien holder of a vehicle, the registered owner of the vehicle will have to apply for a duplicate title. The VIN will be necessary to obtain the duplicate title. The lien holder will be listed on the duplicate title.

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You can find the answer you want by asking the mortgage holder.

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Your seach should start at a Motor Vehicle office. You can also take the vehicle's vin # and do an on line search, it should reveal the last owner. You might find the holder of the title. Good luck!!! Zeke at All In One Autoworks Inc.

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