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How do you find the manufacturing date on a 410 model 101 1 J C Higgins?

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The JC Higgins was made Savage Stephens. It is basically the same as the Model 94 by Savage Stephens. It was made from 1937 to the 1980's and to give an exact date of manufacture is almost impossible because there aren't factory records available.

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What is the value of a 9-shot JC Higgins Model 90 revolver?

your J C Higgins model 90 was based the J C Higgins model 88 and is some what harder to find model a model 90 in NRA excellent condition is worth between 125.00 and 175 .00 the model 90 was made from 1958 to 1962 by High Standard manufacturing for Sears

How can you find manufacturing date model 94 Winchester serial number 4060181?

Your Winchester model 1894 was made by Winchester in 1974.

How do you find manufacturing year of LG window ac?

The date of manufacture should be on the model/serial number plate inside the unit.

How can you find the manufacturing date of an iPod?


Where is the serial number of jc Higgins model 21 shotgun?

There were no serial numbers on the model 21's. all you will find is an assembly date code and a sears reference number beginning 583.__ .

Where can you find a jc Higgins model 29 clip?


Where can you find a jc higgins model 103.228 mag?

Gander mountain usually has them.

Where can you find manuals for the JC Higgins lever action Model 45 and 12 gauge Model 66?

The JC Higgins Model 45 was made by Marlin and is basically the same gun as the Model 336. Manuals are availabe from Marlin Firearms. The JC Higgins Model 66 was made by High Standard and is out of production. I have a manual scanned, and can email it to you.

Westernfield 12 ga pump model m550abd you were wondering what the value and possible date of manufacturing?

if you find out will you let me know please for a 2

Manual for Jc Higgins model 180 pellet gun?

You can find it on the Crosman web page. The JC Higgins model 180 was made by Crosman Air guns. See the link below

Where can you find a break down manual on a model 88 j c Higgins 9 shot 22?

theres a website j.c. Higgins model 88 has the exploded view with parts list

Where can you find parts for a JC Higgins Model 20?

I have quite a few.

Where can you find a hammer for a jc Higgins model 33 pump 22?

Marlin Firearms

Where can you find the mechanical diagrams of a jc Higgins 583.66 model 60 shotgun?

Where can you find parts for a j c Higgins model 101.13?


Where would you find a jc Higgins model 30 22 rifle?

i have a 1950 22 j c. where is the model number found. i can not find it. i was told it is model 30 we bought it new

What is the manufacturing date for Model 36 Chief's Special Smith and Wesson 38 Special Snubby Serial?

You will have to call S&W and provide the serail number to find out.

Where can you find a picture of a JC Higgins Model 29?

Stimson High standard Page on the web

Where can you get a stock for a JC Higgins model 43 dl?

A Marlin model 81 DL is the same rifle. You can put the same stock on your J.C. Higgins. Now to find a stock for a model 81. Try or perhaps Numrich gun parts.

Need a Manual for a JCS Higgins 20 Gauge Bolt action model 583.15?

It will not be easy to find a manual for a JCS Higgins 20 gauge bolt action model 583.15 shotgun. The company, JC Higgins is no longer around and has been replaced by the company, Ted Williams. The company, Ted Williams may be able to help someone find a similar model manual.

Where can you find a clip for a J C Higgins 22 cal rifle model 103.228 singlebolt action?

I have the same question. Where can I find a clip for J.C.Higgins Model 103.228?

What size screws do I need for the trigger guard on a JC Higgins Model 103.18?

I would go to Gun parts Corp. and find your JC Higgins model and exploaded view of your firearm.Then find the part number you need.they will tell you if they have it in stock.If not you may get the info you need to find them out in the general public.

Where can you find information about a 410 JC Higgins Model 101.750?

Made by Savage/Stevens and is basically the same as the Savage Springfield Model 18.

Where can you find the manufacturing date for a colt anaconda MM73079?

You will need to call Colt.

Where can you find information about a 20 gauge JC Higgins Model 583.22?

Your shotgun 583 .22 was made in 1952 by High Standard Manufacturing for Sears. These are very good shotguns it is worth about 100 to 150 dollars depending on condition and who's buying it.