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can you put a 5 speed in a 1981 Ford Escort

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Q: How do you find the model number of a 5 speed transmission in a 1981 Ford Courier?
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How do you find out what make and model transmission you have in your 2000 Chevy S-10 2.2L 5-speed?

Look on the side of the transmission housing. There will be a manufacturer tag on either the right or left side of the transmission. That will give you the manufacturer and serial number/model number of your transmission

Ford ranger transmission specs?

Ford Ranger transmission specs are the parts that makes the truck run. This includes the vin number, model, trans code and speed.

What transmission is in a Mustang?

The Mustang GT (2011 model) has a 6-speed manual transmission standard and a 6-speed automatic transmission optional. The 2010 Mustang GT had a 5-speed manual transmission standard and a 5-speed automatic transmission optional.

Is this 1990 ford f150 a 4 or 5 speed serial number is 1ftef14n6lla58102?

For that model year, the automatic transmission had four speeds (although I believe they stopped putting the 'Overdrive' decal on their vehicles by that point, as it was standard), and the manual transmission was five speed.

How do you change the speed sensor on a Ford Ranger?

which year model, what transmission do you have, and which speed sensor are we talking about?

Does a 1997 Nissan pathfinder have a speedometer cable or speed sensor where is it located?

it has a speed sensor. its located in the transmission on a 2wd model and in the transfer case of a 4wd model

What model transmission is in a 1995 ford ranger?

4R44E for 4 cylinder & 3.0 L - four speed automatic transmission 4R55E for 4.0 L six cylinder - four speed automatic transmission

What make model 1982 Mercedes 240d automatic transmission?

The automatic transmission in a 1982 Mercedes 240 D was made by Rockwell international. The model of the automatic transmission was either a 392 or a 692 six speed.

What kind of transmission does the 2012 Tesla Model-S have?

The 2012 Tesla Model-S has a 1-speed direct drive.

What kind of transmission does the 2013 Tesla Model-S have?

The 2013 Tesla Model-S has a 1-speed direct drive.

Where is dip stick for the transmission in a 2001 5 speed for the transmission fluid?

Need to know make and model of vehicle in order to answer this.

Did Ford Model A's from 1927 to 1931 have a neutral gear?

The 1928 to 1931 Model A Ford had a 3 speed forward and 1 speed reverse transmission with a neutral position.

Which will reach sooner courier or speed post?

between Tier I cities courier would reach faster .... In tier 2/3/4 cities SPEED POST WOULD DELIVER FASTER ....., COURIER TAKES 7 DAYS Speed post would deliver by the 4th working day .... SPEED POST IS OVERALL BETTER if you provide the exact pin code ....

How to repair 1993 Honda civic speed odometer?

Replace the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) in your transmission. It is the same part number for an automatic transmission and a manual transmission in those year models.

What type of Transmission fluid goes in a 1991 5 speed manual transmission?

I use Mercon Depends on make, model,............

How much speed transmission does a Chevy 305 engine have?

An autimatic transmission will have a 4 speed transmission and a manual transmission will have a 5 speed transmission.

What year did the Ford F-150 come with a 5-speed automatic transmission?

I was looking at some of the various model year owners manuals for a Ford F-150 . None of them show a 5 speed automatic transmission , but starting with the 2009 model year ( depending on how it was equipped ) it does show a ( 6R80 automatic transmission / 6 speed / transmission code " 6 " ) along with the ( 4R75E / 4 speed / trans code " Q " )

How much transmission fluid is in an automatic 4 speed Buick transmission?

Again a question without enough information provided to answer it. What year, & model buick? All 4 speed A/T are not the same.

What transmission would a 1997 Chevy 5 speed have?

need to be more specific. what model chevy?

You have a 1991 Honda accord and your overdrive light stays on at all times you just got a motor put in it and now your car wont go into third gear at all Why is that?

The transmission was not hooked up right... OR the motor was from ANOTHER Year/model of Honda and it came with the transmission from THAT Year/model. The replacement transmission does not have overdrive so it could not be hooked up electrically or otherwise -- so the light is always on AND the transmission model is only a "2 speed" instead of a "3 speed" transmission or the transmission is not hooked up correctly. Sorry can't be more specific.

Where is the transmission speed sensor located on a 1999 Ford Taurus?

The speed sensor on a 1999 Taurus is on top of the transmission. It is located directly under the number 2 cylinder.

What is the Model of 2001 2500 HD 4x4 automatic transmission?

It will be a 4l80E Transmission. (4 speed automatic with over drive and lock up converter)

Top speed of rm85?

The RM85 is a motorcycle manufactured by Suzuki. The 2013 model has a top speed of 63 miles per hour and comes equipped with a six-speed transmission.

When will the 6L90 six speed automatic transmission be offered in a Chevrolet 3500 van?

2010 Model Year

What does the number 5 mean on the Harley Davidson V-Twin Engine Transmission cases?

It indicates that its a 5-speed transmission.