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can you put a 5 speed in a 1981 Ford Escort


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Look on the side of the transmission housing. There will be a manufacturer tag on either the right or left side of the transmission. That will give you the manufacturer and serial number/model number of your transmission

The Mustang GT (2011 model) has a 6-speed manual transmission standard and a 6-speed automatic transmission optional. The 2010 Mustang GT had a 5-speed manual transmission standard and a 5-speed automatic transmission optional.

Ford Ranger transmission specs are the parts that makes the truck run. This includes the vin number, model, trans code and speed.

which year model, what transmission do you have, and which speed sensor are we talking about?

For that model year, the automatic transmission had four speeds (although I believe they stopped putting the 'Overdrive' decal on their vehicles by that point, as it was standard), and the manual transmission was five speed.

it has a speed sensor. its located in the transmission on a 2wd model and in the transfer case of a 4wd model

4R44E for 4 cylinder & 3.0 L - four speed automatic transmission 4R55E for 4.0 L six cylinder - four speed automatic transmission

Need to know make and model of vehicle in order to answer this.

The automatic transmission in a 1982 Mercedes 240 D was made by Rockwell international. The model of the automatic transmission was either a 392 or a 692 six speed.

The 1928 to 1931 Model A Ford had a 3 speed forward and 1 speed reverse transmission with a neutral position.

I was looking at some of the various model year owners manuals for a Ford F-150 . None of them show a 5 speed automatic transmission , but starting with the 2009 model year ( depending on how it was equipped ) it does show a ( 6R80 automatic transmission / 6 speed / transmission code " 6 " ) along with the ( 4R75E / 4 speed / trans code " Q " )

An autimatic transmission will have a 4 speed transmission and a manual transmission will have a 5 speed transmission.

The 2012 Tesla Model-S has a 1-speed direct drive.

The 2013 Tesla Model-S has a 1-speed direct drive.

need to be more specific. what model chevy?

Replace the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) in your transmission. It is the same part number for an automatic transmission and a manual transmission in those year models.

Again a question without enough information provided to answer it. What year, & model buick? All 4 speed A/T are not the same.

Data Transmission speed is the number of bits per second that can be transmitted. Propagation speed is the speed at which a signal moves through a medium. Gateway Technical College, Elkhorn WI

It will be a 4l80E Transmission. (4 speed automatic with over drive and lock up converter)

The speed sensor on a 1999 Taurus is on top of the transmission. It is located directly under the number 2 cylinder.

should be drivers side under the hood answer The base trims are connected to a 5-speed manual transmission, which was earlier traditional for all trims. However, the 2011 model is coupled to a 4-speed automatic transmission, which is the traditional transmission for the SX and LX trims.

The RM85 is a motorcycle manufactured by Suzuki. The 2013 model has a top speed of 63 miles per hour and comes equipped with a six-speed transmission.

* 30RH-Automatic Transmission 3 Speed * 32RH-Automatic Transmission 3 Speed * 3550-Manual Transmission 5 Speed * AISIN-Manual Transmission 5 Speed

The transmission was not hooked up right... OR the motor was from ANOTHER Year/model of Honda and it came with the transmission from THAT Year/model. The replacement transmission does not have overdrive so it could not be hooked up electrically or otherwise -- so the light is always on AND the transmission model is only a "2 speed" instead of a "3 speed" transmission or the transmission is not hooked up correctly. Sorry can't be more specific.

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