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M (molarity) = moles of solute/ liters of solution

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Q: How do you find the molarity?
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Find the molarity?

Molarity = Grams/(Molecular Weight X Volume)

How are alums used?

find the molarity

How do you find molarity with mL?

You convert the mL to liters and use the equation: M=moles/L Using that you should be able to get the molarity....

What is the molarity of 80g NaOH dissolved in 1L of water?

80g of NaOH dissolved in 250ml. of water find the molarity of this solution ?

How do you find the avg Molarity of NaOH?


How do you find mass of a solute when cubic centimeters and molarity is given?

You know the molarity and you know the volume. First off you find the moles. Molarity divided by 1000, multiplied by the volume in cm^3. Then you multiply the moles by the molecular mass of the solute, to get the weight in grams.

What is ml into g?

if I have .60 molarity how do i find out haow many ml I have

How do you find the moles of an element?

If you have the molarity of solution, you can find the moles in a particular set volume by dividing molarity by 1000 and multiplying by the amount of millilitres of the solution that you have. If you have the weight, you divide this by the molecular mass. The weight has to be in grams. The molecular weight is calculated from the periodic table.

How do you find the concenration of a solution?

Concentration of a solution is recorded in molarity (M). Molarity is the moles of solute divided my liters of solution. So to find the concentration of a solution, calculate the number of moles of the solute (the chemical being dissolved) and measure the number of liters of the solution (the water), then divide them.

What is the difference between molarity and molarity solution?

Molarity solution is not a term that I have ever heard used. Molarity is always a term used to describe a concentration of solute in a solvent, i.e. of a solution. The closest I've heard to molarity solution is when people ask "what is the solution's molarity".

What does molarity of a solution indicate?

Molarity is an indication for concentration.

what is the molarity of a solution that contains 3 moles of solute in 3 liters of solution?

I believe the molarity is 1. molarity = number of moles / liters of solution molarity = 3 / 3 = 1

Is the lower the molarity the higher the concentration or the lower the molarity the lower the concentration?

Yes, molarity is (number of moles/liters of solution). If you increase the numerator, the molarity number will be greater.

A solution of NaOH contains 20g of this compound in 2dm3 of this solution . What is molarity of this solution?

This sodium hydroxide solution has a molarity of 0,25.

What is the molarity of 61.7 g LiCl in 250.0 mL of solution?

Molarity = moles of solute/Liters of solution ( 250.0 ml = 0.250 liters ) Find moles. 61.7 grams LiCl (1 mole/42.391 grams) = 1.455 moles lithium chloride Molarity = 1.455 moles LiCl/0.250 liters = 5.82 M LiCl -------------------

What is the molarity of a solution containing 16.7 grams of NH3 in 1.50 liters of solution?

Molarity = moles of solute/Liters of solution need to find moles NH3 16.7 grams NH3 (1 mole NH3/17.034 grams) = 0.9804 moles NH3 --------------------------------now Molarity = 0.9804 moles NH3/1.50 Liters = 0.654 M -------------

What is the molarity of H2C2O4 2H2O solution?

molarity of known H2C2O4

If you were given the molarity and volume of the acid and the volume of the base what additional step is needed to calculate the molarity of the base?

When one does not know the answer to a question there are few options to find refuge with. I suggest you tyr hard and stay humble. THE LYTICS!!!!

What is the molarity of a sugar solution made from 21.0 moles of sugar with the volume of 52.0L?

Molarity is moles in every litre. Therefore you have to convert this to find out the moles in each litre. 21/52 is 0.404 molar.

What is the molarity of a solution prepared by dissolving 1.56 grams of gaseous HCl in enough water to make 26.8 mL of solution?

Find moles of HCl first. 1.56 grams HCl (1mole HCl/36.458 grams) = 0.0428 moles HCl Molarity = moles of solute/volume of solution Molarity = 0.0428 moles/26.8 ml = 0.00160 milli-Molarity, or more to the point; = 1.60 X 10^-6 Molarity of HCl

Why molality is preferred over molarity in expressing the concentration of a solution?

why molarity is preferred over molarity in expressing the concentration of a solution

What is the molarity of 10 percent NaCl?

The molarity is 1,711.

What is molarity pure water?

the molarity of water is 55.5.

What is a formula of a molarity of a solution?

Molarity = moles/ litre

What is the molarity of a solution equal to?

Molarity of a solution is equal to mol/L.