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How do you find the original lock code on a 1992 Lincoln Town Car?


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Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles do not have lock code numbers anywhere in or on them unless the dealer wrote the code in the owners manual, which is rare. Lost keys for a 1992 Lincoln Town Car must be generated by disassembling the locks and reading the wafers. I suggest you contact your local Locksmith.

The above information is NOT TRUE! I own a 1992 Lincoln Town Car, and the manual clearly states that the original combination lock code is posted inside the trunk, on one of the hinges. If you can get into the trunk, the original 5 digit code should be posted right there. Mine is on the right side trunk hinge.

It is more accurate to say that the mechanical key codeis NOT available or stamped on any part of a Ford, Lincoln and/or Mercury vehicle. The "original combination lock code" you refer to is actually the code for the "keyless entry" option found on many Ford family vehicles and NOT the "lockor key code" which can be converted in order to cut a working mechanical key for the door and ignition lock(s). More over, the "key code" for a 1992 Lincoln Town Car is a 7 digit alpha-numeric code i.e. "101A501".

I have a 1987 town car i found the code in the trunk on one of the arm that hold it up and on the driver side door


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You put in a 5 digit code and it unlocks the driver's door. You can program your own code if you know the original code.

Every Lincoln sold has a different code. There is no one code that will work on all of them. If you have lost the code, then you will have to get the keypad reprogrammed. A Lincoln dealer is your only choice as far as I know.

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check on the arms for the trunk lid. if not there u gotta get it from the dealer there is usually a 6 diget code in your original manual, on the inside of door latch area, or in truck. Mine was in the manual.

Depending on which tester you used to determine the code look at the teters manual

It should be printed on a sticker in your trunk. I have a 1990 town car and the sticker is located on the right hinge when the trunk is opened.

Trouble code P1409 means: EGR Vacuum Regulator Solenoid Circuit

Trouble code P1507 means: Idle air control (IAC) underspeed error

Call or Visit a Ford/Lincoln dealer and they will be able to retrieve the original code from their data base.

on a 91 Lincoln town car the keyless entry code is in the trunk on passanger side on the hinge part Yes and it should be in the owners manual or it should at least tell you in the owners manual where other stickers are

SORRY......That Code Doesnt Exist,Make Sure To Look Again And Ill Try To Help You.....

Look beneath the trunk lid. It should be there if you're asking about the code that unlocks the doors.

Two ways. Computer dealer reset or u need the original code to enter the new one

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Go to a FORD/ LINCOLN Dealership, they can help you....... its written on the right arm of the trunk on a paper sticker

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I assume you're talking about the keyless entry code. I found mine on a sticker on the passenger side trunk hinge.

Most of the time the keyless code is located on the right trunk lid hinge.

ive heard its in the fuse box. does anyone know where there factory keypad entry is for a Lincoln zephyr besides in the manual


its on the trunk lid inside on the passenger side its a 4 digit number i believe

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