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How do you find the owner of a vehicle that you are being fined for a parking ticket?

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Presuming your saying a ticket was issued for a car that isn't yours: You simply need to contact the court, generally the Clerk there, and say what the story is. They will generally tell you to provide the proof...for example that your car is a different make/model/color than that on the ticket (seen on the registration), or lisc. plate is different, etc. and they will remove the ticket. If the car the ticket was given to is registered to you and has the plate identified, then the ticket is yours.

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What amendment would be violated if you were fined ten thousand dollars for a parking ticket?


Which amendment would be violated if you were fined ten thousand dollars for a parking ticket?


Which amendment would be violated if a person was fined ten thousand dollars for a parking ticket?

The 8th Amendment, which prohibits excessive fines or bail.

Can round rock Texas give me a ticket for no registration in my apartment complex parking Lot?

I believe in almost all States, if a car is parked anywhere, registration of the vehicle is required or you can be fined. The Registration Bureau in your State can give you the best information.

What are traffic tickets?

They are a notice of violation of traffic rules. They can be anything from parking tickets to reckless driving. The ticket provides notice that you have violated the law and are subject to a fine or to appearing in court before a judge and being charged and fined there.

Can a team be fined for parking the bus in soccer?

No, a team cannot be fined for parking the bus in soccer because it does break the laid down rules in soccer.

Can you record a movie at the movie theather if i purchased a ticket?

No. Well, you can but you will risk being sued, thrown out and being charged with piracy and fined.

Can you park at a parking meter that is broken in California?

Yeah, but you might get fined

What is the fine for not wearing a seat belt in Illinois?

Just got a ticket the fine is $55.00 The fine for not wearing a ticket and being caught would range from 50 to $750. The fined for being in an accident with no seatbelt? More than you can imagine.

Are you fined if you ride the metro without a ticket in Paris?


3 funny laws?

women may be fined for falling asleep under a hair dryer, as can the salon owner. if an elephant is left tied to a parking meter, the parking fee has to be paid just as itwould for a vehicle. having sexual relations with a porcupine is illegal

Can you get fined for parking on a broken yellow line if yes how much?

I assume we are talking about UK Law, because I know nothing about US Law. In the UK, broken yellow lines painted by the kerb edge mean that there is a restriction on how long a vehicle may be parked on that piece of road. It might be 15 mins, it might be 1 hour or longer. It might even be NO PARKING in certain circumstances. Signs located in the area will explain the parking restrictions in force. So the answer to your question is YES, you can get fined for parking on broken yellow lines. How much the fine is, I don't know, but assume it is probably going to be at least £30.00. So read the signs, obey the signs and don't get fined.

Can minors be fined for drinking alcohol?

Yes, they can be fined for being caught drinking alcohol.

How much is a seatbelt ticket in Oklahoma?

In Owasso OK I was fined $20 for not wearing a seatbelt

Can an under age smoker get a ticket?

You didn't mention where you live. In many places, you can get fined.

What happens if you don't get a ticket for expired registration at scene of accident?

You will get fined for the expired tags.

Abandoning a vehicle?

It is illegal to abandon a vehicle on a public motorway, as it is a serious threat to the safety of drivers. Abandoning your vehicle on someone else's property will probably result in the vehicle being ticketed and towed, and the owner/driver being fined. If the vehicle is abandoned in a secure location and/or looks suspicious, it will be seized by police to be searched, and the driver may be detained. You may only abandon your vehicle on your own property.

Can you be fined for operating a motor vehicle without a speedometer?

no However, you will very likely be fined for speeding, for not knowing what speed you are going without a speedometer!

What happens if you get caught driving without a tag in the state of Georgia?

you will get a ticket or be fined, unless you are from out of state

If you are in an accident and don't get a ticket do you get points on your license?

If you have not been fined then you have not commited an offence. No offence, no points.

Is being fined a disciplinary action?


Can you go to jail if you do not turn in a vehicle?

Yes. If it is legally required, you can be jailed or fined, or held until the vehicle is properly surrendered.

Can you get a ticket for driving a commercial vehicle on a county road with no CDL?

Yes. If you are driving a commercial vehicle, without a commercial vehicle license, then you can indeed be ticketed and fined. This is true regardless of the type of road you are driving on. - - - - - It depends. You can drive a commercial vehicle within 50 miles of the place where the vehicle is customarily stored without having a CDL. This is so farmers can haul crops to the buyer without needing a CDL.

Will a cell phone ticket go on your driving record in California?

Yes, a cell phone ticket will go on your driving record in California. You will also be fined and have to appear in court.

Teens who drink are at risk of?

Being arrested and fined.

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