How do you find the point of intersection between two lines?

At the point of intersecting lines, the points are equal.

Watch this:

The equation of the 1st line is Y=3x-7

The equation of the 2nd line is Y=-2x+3

Remember, at the intersecting points they are equal. So then:

3x-7=-2x+3 Now solve for x (get x by itself in the form of x=whatever)


+2x +2x (What you do to one side of the equal sign you must do to the other)


5x -7 = 3

+7 = +7


5x = 10 now divide by 5 to remove the 5 from the x in 5x.

___ ___

5 5


Then you sub x=2 into any of the two equation. Lets use the first one:

Y=3x-7 becomes Y=3(2)-7



So the intersecting point is (2,-1)