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Compleatly depends on the car. You will need to list the make,model and year for this question to be answered. Include engine size also plz. Read the manual or ask a mechanic

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2009-03-05 05:53:24
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Q: How do you find the power steering fluid cap on your vehicle?
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Why is your steering heavy in your car?

If you are finding it hard to steer your vehicle, it could be a variety of things, though most commonly you will find that the problem lies with either your power steering pump, or power steering rack. Check your power steering fluid; if it is low, top it off with the proper PS fluid. If it is not low, take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic and have them inspect the problem.

How Do you Add Power Steering Fluid for An E420 Mercedez Benz?

Find the power steering fluid canal, make sure you read the cap label that specifies Power Steering Fluid. Pour contents to specified fluid level. You may find the Power Steering Fluid canal on the right side of your radiator block.

Where can you find the power steering?

fluid? Under the hood, should say something about power steering fluid on cap or reservoir.

Cant find where to put power steering fluid in 1992 Lebaron?

How about in the power steering pump.......

Is power steering fluid the same in a gas engine and diesel?

The power steering fluid used varies according to the pump not the motor. It is best to use your owner's manual or repair manual to find the correct type of fluids to use for your vehicle.

Where to add power steering fluid in a 99 e320 Mercedes Benz?

Can find where to put more fluid for the power steering on my Mercedes 1997 e320

What power steering fluid is correct?

You will find the the right one in ur owner Manuel, mine is Volvo s80 and the recommended fluid was not power steering oil it was ATF automatic transmission fluid, when I asked about that at orally they said if u use power steering fluid it will rewind ur power steering system.

I find no power steering fluid container under the hood of my 2010 Toyota Corolla Is this because the power steering in a 2010 Corolla is electric not hydraulic?

Yes the power steering in a 2010 Corolla is electric so it needs and has no hydraulic power steering fluid.

Where can you find the power steering fluid reservoir of 1988 BMW 735i?

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Where do you put steering fluid in 2008 Nissan Rogue?

Nissan Rogue 2008 does not use power steering fluid so you will not find a reservoir for that. Rogue's power steering is operated my electric motors.

What causes power steering pump to make noise on 94 Toyota Corolla?

If your power steering pump makes a whining noise as you turn your steering wheel your power steering fluid reservoir is probably empty. The noise is caused when your power steering pump tries to pump fluid that is not there. This indicates that you probably have a leak somewhere in your power steering fluid lines. You can either try to find the leak or simply replace the power steering fluid every so often.

Does a 2004 impala ss use power steering fluid?

Yes it does although it is difficult to find the power steering fluid is located near the back of the motor on the passenger side!

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