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By comparing the serial number on the receiver to published charts.

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m-1 winchester carbine # 1147183

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Q: How do you find the production date of a Winchester M1 Carbine?
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Where can you find the difference in the grades of a Winchester model 70 308 carbine?

That would all depend on when your Winchester model 70 carbine was made.By determining this we would be able to see what type of grades were offered at the time of your rifles production.If you include your serial number,I would be able to date your model 70 carbine and see what grades were available at the time of production.

How can you find the date of manufacture for a Winchester 1894 carbine serial number 324980?

Blue Book of Gun Values

How can you find the date made on a Winchester buffalo bill commemorative edition serial?

The Winchester Buffalo Bill Commemorative rifle,or carbine were made in the year 1968.

What year is a Winchester m1 carbine serial number 5705456?

This serial number was assigned to the Winchester repeating arms company for production of the M-1 Carbine from Feb.1944 thru Nov.1944.these serial number range was 5,549,822 thru 5,834,618 of which yours belongs.I hope that you find this of intrust.

Where can you find production dates for Winchester and Remington rifles and shotguns? Remington's are date code stamped from 1921 details on Remington Society of America.

Is there a website to find the month and year a Winchester M1 carbine was manufactured from the serial number?

go to: OLDGUNS. COM then go down to US military on left column. punch on carbine

How can you find the manufacture date of a Winchester model 101 using the serial number?

You should be able to contact Winchester and see if you may find the year of production by serial number thru there archives.If not I do have the manufacture dates of the first 250,000 made.You will need to have your serial number available to research the date of manufacture.

What are the production dates for the model 1938 Daisy Red Ryder carbine air rifle?

Daisy made a model 94 Carbine from 1954 - 1962, they also made a model 111 western carbine from 1963-1978. I can find no information on a Red Ryder 1938 carbine. However the 1938 Red Ryder is still in production.

Can the serial number find the manufacturer date for a Winchester model290?

Winchester did not keep records of the serial numbers by year of production for the Winchester model 200 series of rifles.These models(250,270,290,255,and 275)all qualify,I can say that Winchester made the model 290 from 1963-1976.I hope this helps?

Where can you find a manufacture date for a m 1 carbine rifle?

By posting a question here with the maker's name and serial number- IF it is a military issue carbine.

How can you find manufacturing date model 94 Winchester serial number 4060181?

Your Winchester model 1894 was made by Winchester in 1974.

How can you find the year of manufacture for a Winchester model 64?

If you would like to post the serial number to your Winchester model 64 rifle question I could date the rifles production year.If you feel like posting it to my message board,I can do the same.

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