How do you find the right shower valve for vintage handles?

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Measures the diameter of the valve and try and match up the size in your local plumbing store.
If it is truly a vintage valve and not a new one made to give the effect you can also try building material recovery (recycling) companies. The difficulty is identifying the thread used.
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How do you fix a shower valve?

I doubt its your valve.its sounds like you have a drain or a vent problem ,a drian that's falling backwards or has a slight stoppage will make that noise

Where is the master shut off valve for a shower?

Answer . \nThe absolute master is your main shutoff at the water supply. My home has no shower valve, my grandparent's house does as does my parents house. Neither of those valves are in the same place. \n. \nWho knows what happened between the time your place was built and now?\n. \nYou'll ( Full Answer )

What is the height of shower valves?

Standard height for a showerhead is 6'-6" to 6'-8". I prefer the high side of that tolerance. A valve for a shower only is put at about 48", a valve for a tub/shower is put at about 30", with the tub spout about 6" to 8" below the valve. The only 'code' requirement (at least around here) is a minimu ( Full Answer )

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Go to either your County Tax Appraisal Office OR the County Records Office where are the deeds to the properties in that county are kept. It will take a little investigating, but you can most anything out about your property all the way back to the undeveloped raw land. As Janine stated, the develop ( Full Answer )

How do you replace a shower valve?

changing a shower valve can be sometimes impossible with out cutting a hole in the wall behind it. If you have a shower valve that is leaking through the valve and out of the shower head when shut off then I recommend trying to find new cartridges or replacement seals for the valve. If you need to r ( Full Answer )

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How do you remove shower valve stem?

Turn off water. Bleed lines from the lowest faucet on the pipe run. take off cap over the knob. remove screw. remove cap. value stem should be exposed. Use appx. 5/8th wrench to loosen stem. Hold copper pipe as to not break while loosening. Once broken free should be able to remove the rest ( Full Answer )

Is there a shower drain with a built in check valve?

You can get a back water valve. It is similar to a check vale/ the back water valve goes on your main sewer line out side of home. It is desined to stop black water form coming into your home if main line stops up. Thay do make a device that can be installed into an exsisting drain it lets water thr ( Full Answer )

How do you get the valve stem out of the shower valve?

To remove a valve stem you have to do the following 1- shut off the water supply 2- remove the handle 3- remove the escutcheon if applicable 4- open the valve to the half open position so it does not bind 5- use a shower socket for the size valve bonnet for the type of valve you have, Gerber, Savoy, ( Full Answer )

How do you remove a grohe shower handle?

If it's like ours, there's a corrugated plastic ring just behind the handle that turns. Pry it back, it releases with clips, and insert a 3mm Allen wrench into a set screw at the very bottom of the assembly, in line with the handle. Unscrew it, pull the handle off, then remove the screws for the bac ( Full Answer )

How is a shower handle repaired?

Most of the time when i get called out for a broken shower handle, i have to replace the unit. but this does certainly depend on whether you have an individual tap or mixing system and what exactly needs to be repaired

How do you loosen shower faucet handle screw?

This depends, as some faucet handles have a screw inside which is taken out using a flat or star headed screwdriver, while other types have a grub screw which is taken out using an Allan key.

How do you fix a shower mixing valve?

You dismantle it from the front, find the problem and take the main part to Home Depot to find a repair kit. Then after repair, re-assemble in opposite way.

Convert a shower one handle valve to a two handle valve?

This will involve breaking open the shower wall, taking out the one handle unit and rearranging the pipework in order to replace it with a two handle valve unit. This not a DIY job, call a plumber to do this to save yourself the headache of having to call one later

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How do you modify a shower valve to get hot and cold water on the correct left and right positions as mine are reversed?

You can reverse the water lines feeding the valve if you have access. This can be done at the valve or where the water lines tee off from their sources. You have to be careful you don't reverse other downstream fixtures. In some cases, you can flip the valve upside down but usually not. you may also ( Full Answer )

How big a hole is needed for a shower valve?

Typically a hole for a single handle shower valve can be easily created by a good 3 5/8" hole saw. If u are installing a 2 or 3 handle valve the hole is 1 1/8inch hole saw. Take care in using the hole saw. Please read all manufacturer directions before u install this valve.

How to tighten shower valve control?

On older models Behind the valve stem sleeve and escutcheon there is usually a packing gland nut which can be tightened with a valve stem socket wrench designed for the make and model of shower control your asking about..

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How do you replace shower mixing valve?

Either tear out the wall around the valve or most showers and tubs will have a closet behind them where you can cut an access panel to get to the valve from the back side. You then either repair the wall or they make a panel to cover the hole for future access.

Where is water shutoff valve in shower?

Some shower valves have integral stops which can be accessed by removing the trim plate. Most shower valves don't have these and the water is shut off by turning off the main valve to the house or apartment.

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the markets fluctuate depending on trends and demand. For example, before the cafe resurgence 1970's hondas were bottom dollar, now a running one can pull a few grand depending on condition, etc... The best bet is to browse your local craigslist and ebay to get a feel for the trends in your area ( Full Answer )

Have a single handle shower and it leaks?

Remove the handle and parts directly under it. Lay them carefully in order. You will soon expose the ball control, an 'O' ring, and possibly two small spring seals.Take the ball and go to plumbing store or HD. Get replacement parts or a kit, and re-assemble in reverse order.

How does the thermostatic mixer valve that is in the shower work?

It releases a set amount of each water, hot and cold, depending on what the user selects with the handles. One piece units are not as accurate as two handle system; advanced and modern thermostatic mixers start with hot water than add cold water until the predetermined temperature is reached.

How does one fix a shower valve?

First decide if you want to take a shower valve repair yourself, or contact a plumber. If you decide to repair the shower valve yourself, first you will need to shut off all water to the shower and tub.Next, turn the valves to the on position to relieve any pressure, and remove the set screws. Next, ( Full Answer )

How does a thermostatic shower valve work?

Thermostatic shower valves were designed for safety, which allows the regulation of the water to within a half of a degree of the selected temperature. The most common thermostatic control is a single - handled 3/4 valve.

What is the purpose of shower valves?

All showers need valves. They can be for the water supply, balancing the water and control of the shower. Without the valves, your shower will leak, causing damage to the surrounding areas.

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