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How do you find the second ruby in Pokemon FireRed?


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August 08, 2015 5:17AM

Firstly, go to Six Island and work your way through the Hikers and Pokemaniacs to the dotted hole (you'll require a Pokemon with cut to open the dotted hole). Then once inside, fall down the hole to enter a "maze". To progress through the maze, read the tablet to tell you which way to go. It's written in braille so you'll need the braille chart you got with the game or I suppose you could just Google it or something. When you get to the Sapphire, this guy will steal it from you and take to the Rocket Warehouse on Five Island (he'll tell you the second password and because you have the ruby, you should already know the first password.) Go to Five Island and go through the meadow to reach the warehouse. Make your way through the puzzles until you reach the female admin near a door leading further into the warehouse. Beat her to open the door (she'll also allow you to be able to get back to the door from the entrance of the warehouse). Go outside and heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon center and go back into the warehouse. Beat the last admin and then go and battle the guy who has the sapphire. After getting it take it to Celio and now you can trade with Ruby, Sapphire and Colosseum.After you have got the ruby Celio will give the rainbow pass. Once you have gotten the pass go to the dotted hole on six island. To get the guy out of the way you have to help Lorleni in Ice cave on four island. Once you get to the bottom, click on the sapphire gem and a super nerd will come and take it. To get it back you have to go to Team Rocket's Warehouse on five island and fight the Rockets and you can get it back. Give the gem back to Celio and then you can start your adventure to get Mewtwo.