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Answer to How do you find the T.D.C.
        • Make shure the key is switched off and no one is near the switch !!**

The timing mark being at 0 is one way but another way and to inshure that it is at absolute top dead center, depending on the engine and if the plug hole is straight over the piston as oposed to the side and at an angle, (in whitch case you just need to be more careful not to catch the object used in a pintch ) Anyway place a screwdriver or slim straight long object thru the opening were the no. 1 plug is (in a four cyclender that would probably be the plug nearest the belt pully on the crankshaft, oposit/furtherest from the rotor cap )((DONT USE the starter for this !!! ) and hand turn with breakerbar or via the alternator pully while continuing to hol the screwdriver/object straight up ((you decide how just get err done.)) Continue turning until that screwdriver is at its highest point and you got it.(rock easly back and forth to find that true up position if necessary ) As for the valves being on fire and not exhaust if you know were #1 plug wire is on the distribitor and it lands there when your screw driver is up, well there it is, perfect top dead center and on #1 plug ready to fire. amen. P.S. You could also use a light or if you are rich , a fiber optic viewing device, and simply look into the Number 1 Plug hole and whatch for it to come all the way for the piston stop method, do not trust an answer from a person that can not even spell.
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Q: How do you find the top dead center on your engine?
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How do you set an engine in its dead center position?

Top dead center on an engine is defined as when the piston is farthest from the crankshaft. Bottom dead center is when the piston is closest to the crankshaft on the engine.

How do you find top dead center on a 2000 jetta 1.8t?

To find the top dead center on a 2000 Jetta 1.8T, remove the engine splash guard inside the wheel well on the right side. Locate the main crankshaft pulley nut and see the intake manifold. That is the top dead center. ?æ?æ

How do you determine engine stroke?

Measure the distance a piston travels from bottom dead center to top dead center.

What dimension determines the stroke of an engine?

The distance from Top Dead Center to Bottom Dead Center of piston movement.

What is top dead center on compression stroke on a Z24i engine?


When installing timing chain does the engine need to be Top dead center?

Depends on engine and manufacturer.

What does TDC mean in an engine?

Top dead center. It is when a piston is at its highest position.

Will top dead center work for 10 degree below top dead center?

TDC is 0 degrees TDC, not 10 degrees BTDC which is before top dead center. ATDC is after top dead center. Both of these in relation to piston height are "below top dead center".

When timing gears are installed with timing marks aligned on a 351 w is the engine at 1 top dead center?

bring number 1 cyldenr to top dead center before installing gears bring number 1 cyldenr to top dead center before installing gears bring number 1 cyldenr to top dead center before installing gears

What is displacement of engine?

Displacement is a unit of measurement for engines. It refers to the amount of air that the cylinders move from top dead center to bottom dead center.

How do you get top dead center on 91 mustang 5.0?

The best way ive ever found to find top dead center of any engine is to insert a screwdriver into the opening for a sparkplug and rotate the crank until the the screwdriver comes out to the farthest point. This will be the TDC of that cylinder.

What is OTDC mean in timing for a 89 Chevy iroc?

The 0 part is the degrees at which it is set. TDC stands for top dead center. Your engine times at 0 degrees at top dead center.

How do you reset a 1992 dodge ram 50 engine to top dead center?

bring #1 piston to top dead center where both intake & exahust valves are in closed position

What does top dead center mean when you're timing an engine?

To Fire on the right order

What is the timing for a 1967 Chevy Impala before top dead center?

what engine do you have in your impala?

What is tdc on 95 mirage?

top dead center is what it stands for. top dead center

Where is the carburetor on a 1986 Ford?

I think you will find that this truck is fuel injected and has no carburetor. If I am wrong and it has a carburetor it is mounted on top of the engine dead center on the intake manifold.

What is top dead center on cars?

The top dead cente

What is the ignition timing for a 1995 Chev 350 245hp engine?

It is 0 degrees at top dead center ( TDC ) With engine warm.

When the piston is at top dead center and both valves are closed what engine stage is this in?

This is the beginning of the power stroke in engine operation cycle.

What are the timing specifications for a 1967 440 engine?

8-10 deg. before top dead center

What is the timing degree on a 1994 GMC PU with a 350 engine?

0 TDC. Top dead center

Timimg degree for a 1972 350 engine?

8 Degrees BTDC----- Before Top Dead Center

What is the ignition timing for a 91 Chevy caprice 9C1 305 engine?

8 degrees before top dead center.

What marks do you use to time a ga15 Nissan motor?

looking at the timing marks from the top left to right you have 5 degrees after top dead center, then top dead center then 5 degres 10, 15 then 20 befor top dead center. the timing is 7 degrees before top dead center